Presentation boxes, a key factor in the shopping experience

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9 collections of Theca presentation boxes

Packaging plays a fundamental role in the magic formula that allows a product to occupy a prominent place in the scale of the customer's wishes. The term is English and literally means "packaging". Originally, the need to use packaging arose above all from the need to protect products from shocks, bad weather and theft during transport. Modern market strategies and sales logic have redefined the role of packaging: no longer just packaging as an end in itself, but a marketing tool to communicate value and information aimed at selling.

For any brand, presentation gift boxes is strategic: it serves to affirm the brand identity and to convey the history, values and distinctive characteristics of the brand. It is therefore necessary to choose the gift presentation boxes with care and attention the materials, the shape, the colors and the sizes of the packages and give great weight to the possibility of personalizing them with your own logo.

In the world of jewelry, packaging is an integral and essential part of the experience of buying a luxury item and, if it is a gift, the packaging is the protagonist of the most exciting moment: that of waiting and surprise.

The packaging of a luxury product must itself speak of value and elegance; it must give an emotion, a feeling, a dream; it must be made by companies that have all the credentials to ensure maximum added value to the product. The presentation boxes are the heart of Theca production which now boasts over 30 years of history and experience.

Our range is very wide and covers any need: you can choose models, materials, shapes and colors in relation to the jewel, the occasion of the gift but also simply to your personal tastes. Do not forget the presentation cardboard boxes for cheap jewelry, which often represent the first purchase of a jewel and then turn into a choice of greater value.

We have in our collection these categories of presentation boxes:

1 - Luxury presentation boxes - packaged with the finest materials

2 - Premium presentation boxes - coated with high quality embossed papers

3 - Led light presentation boxes - equipped with LED light to give light to the jewels

4 - Leatherette presentation boxes - packaged with soft-touch materials

5 - Wooden presentation boxes - produced with natural wood

6 - Bespoke presentation boxes - jewelry boxes made to measure for every need, Fully MADE IN ITALY

7 - Gift bags and boxes - for coordinated packaging

8 - Cardboard presentation boxes - for all the cheaper jewels

9 - Flocked presentation boxes - covered with soft velvety fiber

All our presentation boxes are customizable with the jewelry logo reproduced with different printing technologies and some models can also be purchased in small quantities with absolute customization tips for some one-to-one models that may bear a special dedication, a name or single image of your choice.

Herewith some examples out from our presentation box collections

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Luxury presentation boxes | Brillante classic

All items of this collection of presentation boxes is fully covered with soft velvet in 4 different colors and has the inside of the lid covered in customizable satin with hot stamping.

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Premium presentation boxes | Oxford case inspired by the early twentieth century

The Oxford presentation boxes are externally coated with skivertex and enriched with decorative gilt Greek motifs inspired by the boxes of the early twentieth century. The interior is made of satin and velvet and each model is packaged with a cardboard gift box that protects and completes it. 

The box can be customized and embellished with your logo hot-stamped on the inside of the box or on the outside of the containing gift box.

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Led light presentation boxes | Giada

Exceptional presentation box extremely feminine with a soft and pleasant shape to the touch. Made outside of glossy acrylic and inside with flocked fabric, with practical and functional LED light that is activated when the lid is opened. It can be customized with your logo digitally printed on outside box lid or on the containing gift box.

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Leatherette presentation boxes | Floyd prestige, refined elegance with a silk effect

The Floyd prestige collection is an elegant gift presentation boxes wrapped outside with silk effect fabric and inside in soft PU. Each model is packaged in a cardboard gift box. 

Customizable with your logo hot printed on the inside or digitally prointed outside of outside top.
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Wooden presentation boxes | Natural wood

Natural presentation boxes are the quintessence of eco-friendly packaging. Made of untreated fir wood, they are assembled without the use of solvent-based glues. The case is totally nickel-free thanks to the choice of avoiding the closing hinges but to resort to a simple panel with sliding slide kept in its seat with natural hemp twine.

Packaging sustainability is important. Learn more about recycled packaging on our blog Packaging eco friendly: harmony and awareness

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Bespoke presentation boxes | Smeraldo bespoke

Collection of high end presentation boxes completely lined with flocked fabric. Customizable with your logo hot-stamped on the inside of the lid and on the outside.


This collection is fully MADE IN ITALY

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Gift bags and boxes | Milano black

Collection of spring hinged presentation boxes wrapped with soft touch paper outside and flocked fabric inside. Each item is paired with Shopper box.

Customizable with logo on inside liner or on gift bag.

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Cardboard presentation boxes | Chiara, the perfect simplicity for every occasion

Classic, simple and linear presentaion boxes, perfect for any occasion, the items of the Chiara collection are the right choice for those looking for cardobord boxes for gift. Wrapped d with matt coted paper and with laminated rubber on the inside.

Ideal for highlighting your logo, they can be customized using either hot stamping or four-color digital printing.
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Flocked presentation boxes | Amore

Presentation box with small LCD screen. You can store your images by following the included  instructions. The package includes the USB cable for connection to personal computers, compatible with Windows systems only. The case is packaged in a gift box that you can customize with your logo with hot printing.In colors:


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