Are you ready for your jewelry online sales?

Online jewelry: able to seize opportunities

The world is moving and evolving very rapidly and with it the sale of online jewelry also changes. As we know, electronic commerce is increasingly widespread and concerns many very different sectors, including the luxury goods market. E-commerce represents a huge opportunity for the luxury sector, which among other things has allowed many companies to survive during these months of global health emergency. The situation analyzed by the Altagamma Bain & Company Monitor on World Markets predicts that online sales of luxury goods will increase until 2025 also because adults have learned by necessity to use online in recent months and will therefore use it more spontaneously in the future while millennials already make a recurring use of it.

Online jewelry sales and marketing

The success of news media has opened new paths but also changed the pace in communication and customer approach strategies. Social with Instagram and Facebook, bloggers, vloggers and influencers, websites for jewelry store online but also business cards, a source of information, a tool to be found in the digital ocean. New means of communication means adopting a new language and changing reaction speed, it means changing marketing strategy and communication approach. It also applies to jewelry e-commerce. Brands must therefore stimulate in customers the latent needs and the desire to purchase by approaching in a new and innovative way: using in parallel all the media useful to achieve the goal with an impeccable approach to customer satisfaction, with reliable payment systems, deliveries on time and much more.

The ultimate goal: to offer an unforgettable user experience to build customer loyalty and take advantage of word of mouth or rather, the word-of-mouse.

In the jewellery online sale, the watchwords are attention and personalization. In the e-commerce of jewelry shops online process it is possible to implement activities that make the customer feel unique and special, as if it were a 2-way dialogue exactly like in the physical store. In this way, the positive comments on social networks and on the web in general will act as a driving force for brand awareness and above all for the brand reputation of the brands.

Everything you need for a perfect sale

To maximize customer satisfaction and optimize the sales process, it is necessary to have the best tools available for each step:
- a practical and functional tray to arrange the jewels of each order to be fulfilled
- a pair of gloves to treat the jewel with care when applying the price seal
- a soft cloth to remove any imperfections before packing in the pvc bag with closure
- a fine case suitable for the purchase occasion, which can be for oneself or to make a gift to others, in which case the shopper is a must
- finally a solid and resistant box, better if externally anonymous, to send everything in complete safety

Choker, the super light jewelry tray

The jewelry trays of the Choker series are ideal for those who pay particular attention to lightness. The supporting structure of this tray is made of black vacuum platic. Furthermore, all models can be inserted in pairs in a container made of shockproof ABS, stackable and with optimized measures for safes.

Tubogas tray, ideal for organizing your shipments

Tubogas trays are perfect for those who pay particular attention to lightness and ideal for organizing your shipments. The supporting structure is made of shockproof black ABS while the interior is in practical and functional flocked vacuum plastic.

All models are stackable and with optimized measures for the Arden safes and chest of drawers.

Gloves for jewelry in black microfiber

The Jewelry handling gloves of soft microfibre are perfect for handling jewelry, watches and silverware with great care and without leaving any fingerprints. Customizable with your hot-stamped logo, they are an indispensable work tool and can also become a classy and highly appreciated gift for your customers.

[VIDEO] Jewellery handling gloves


Panno net, delicate at the right point

Cloths for cleaning precious objects are a practical and irreplaceable aid to ensure cleanliness and shine to jewels. The cloths of the Panno net collection are soft and colored and are soaked in a special detergent for silver or gold that guarantees an exceptional result.

They can be used on more than one occasion with the foresight not to wash them, and you can customize them with your logo. Remember that they are to be kept out of the reach of children.

Secure lock jewelry online sale tag

Anti-removal security seal for online sale, perfect for guaranteeing the integrity of your jewel thanks to the bayonet closure that makes it impossible to open without breaking it permanently. Perfect for selling jewelry online.

This warranty seal is made of plastic and consists of a customizable element with your logo on the back of which a repositionable adhesive label is applied on which to indicate the characteristics and price of the jewel.

[VIDEO] THECA astucci - Anti-removal seals for jewelry


Reclosable poly bags

Very useful for protecting and organizing jewels in the laboratory, these reclosable poly bags are made of transparent PVC. A matt area suitable for writing is useful for reporting notes relating to the product while the grip-type pressure closure makes it safer to keep.

Basket, the elegance of velvet

The Basket bag is ideal for jewelry. Made with a round base in elegant velvet, it is available in different colors and sizes.

Complete with ribbon for a correct closure, it can also be customized with your logo hot-stamped on the tag.

NEVE, timeless elegance of white

The Neve collection includes elegant cases and shoppers with bottom and lid covered in white opaque paper and laminated rubber interior. Packaged with non-glued organza ribbon, the case can be customized with your logo printed inside the lid with hot stamping or digital in four colors. Each case is accompanied by an elegant shopper in opaque white paper, customizable and complete with accompanying note.

[VIDEO] How to pack jewels using NEVE presentation boxes with gift bags


Aliza, presentation boxes with gift bags with satin ribbon

The Aliza collection offers five different box sizes made of cardboard and externally coated with plasticized paper while the interior is in flocked rubber, complete with fabric flaps that can be customized with your logo.

The case is also characterized by the elegant and practical magnetic closure and is combined with a satin ribbon and a customizable shopper with your hot-stamped logo, perfect to complete the gift box.

Foxel, presentation boxes with gift bags and grosgrain ribbon

The Foxel series offers jewelery boxes and shoppers covered in embossed paper and customizable with the jewelery logo hot-stamped inside the box or on the outside of the shopper.

The case has the interior made of paper and laminated rubber and is packaged with an elegant non-glued grosgrain ribbon.

Robusta corrugated postal box

The corrugated postal box of the Robusta series are made of solid corrugated cardboard and are ideal for online sales of jewelry thanks to the compact and resistant structure but also for the personalization features that distinguish them. These boxes are in fact personalized with your logo only on the internal flap while they are completely anonymous on the outside in order to guarantee the safety during the shipping and transport of your jewels sold online.


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