The value of a precious jewellery packaging

The strategic value of fine jewellery packaging

It is often said that the dress does not make the monk or that the book is not judged by the cover, but this is not exactly the case. In reality, among the various factors that allow a product to occupy the highest step in the podium of desires, the strategic value of a fine jewellery packaging is fundamental.

This is why the choice of all the elements that make up the packaging of the presentation boxes must be made in the name of quality, better if they are customized in perfect coherence with the image of the brand and the sign. A rule that always applies, but even more so when we are talking about a jewelry where you buy precious objects, dreams and emotions.

Once the product has been chosen, the jewel is placed in its presentation box, personalised wrapping paper and ribbon sealed with a customized label to be finally placed in the paper bag with your logo. The customer leaves your jewelry with its precious personalized envelope, possibly with a custom label that guarantees confidentiality. Packaging in jewelry is essential. Choose your custom wrapping paper, printed ribbons and label carefully and personalize them with your logo.

Make a difference with the customised wrapping paper

The thrill of receiving a gift passes through a timeless ritual that increases trepidation: surprise and discovery! It is the custom wrapping paper that hides the box and its contents, a parcel paper that anticipates the value of the object also thanks to the signature of the jewelry shop where the purchase was made. To differentiate yourself and always stay one step above all others, it is advisable to pay great attention to gift paper, be it tissue paper or coated paper, without saving on quality and the possibility of personalizing it with your own logo.

Customized tissue paper: an extra touch!

If you want to add an exclusive touch to your gift boxes, choose custom tissue paper to wrap your case before wrapping it with gift wrapping. This tissue paper is of superior quality and can be customized with your logo printed in flexography.

You can choose the color of the logo according to your personal taste and also consider the very elegant "tone-on-tone" version.

Reflex jewelery wrapping paper, elegantly pearled

The wrapping paper from the Reflex collection is ideal for wrapping your products with an extra touch of class and elegance. Made of polypropylene, it has the characteristic of being extremely light and having one side in an elegant pearl color. It is therefore perfect for making impeccable gift packages.

It can also be customized with your own logo printed in your favorite color, chosen from the wide range offered.

Sealing wrapping paper, natural and ecological

The wrapping paper of the Sealing collection is the perfect combination of elegance and respect for nature. Made of ecological paper, it is available in different colors.

Likewise, you can personalize it with your logo printed in one of the many colors available in our selection.

The presentation boxes are more elegant with the right printed ribbons

A beautiful customized ribbon that wraps the package is undoubtedly synonymous with class and elegance. According to your preferences and tastes, you can choose from a wide range of different ribbons: cotton ribbon or custom satin ribbon, fabric or taffeta ribbons, canvas or metallic. They are also all customizable with hot stamping, embossing or ink printing.

Luxury ribbon with embossed logo

The luxury satin ribbon undoubtedly adds a touch of great sophistication to your gift. It is made of satin, precious and elegant, it can be customized by choosing the color that best suits your tastes.

The logo can also be embossed to add an unsurpassed style finish.

Satin ribbon, elegant by definition

Satin ribbon is an elegant material by its nature and a satin ribbon is therefore absolutely perfect for wrapping your most precious gift.

Available in many color versions, it can be customized with your hot-stamped logo to make it even more refined and valuable.

Metallic ribbon for a nice curled bow

Metallizzed ribbon is perfect for embellishing your gift box, especially if you love to finish by curling the ribbon to create a nice rich bow. You can choose the color you prefer from a wide range of proposals, among which gold and silver stand out.

Finally, the customization is completed with the logo printed with typographic ink.

Cotton ribbon, natural elegance

The cotton ribbon is a classic complement of natural elegance to make your gift perfect. It is possible to customize it according to personal tastes and specific needs by choosing both the color of the ribbon and the size and color of the logo.

The logo can be made with embossed silk-screen printing to add an extra touch of sophistication.

Without customize stickers is no ribbon to hold!

To fix the ribbon and complete the packaging of an important gift, you cannot do without the custom label ... it is a touch of class, the final touch that completes a circle of refinement and exclusivity. The label is a combination of aesthetics and functionality, beautiful to look at and very practical to use both to fix the tape and to close the shopper and obtain a real surprise effect.

Label, security and confidentiality

The customize sticker seal is essential to close the shopper and ensure the safety and confidentiality of the content. Practical and functional, it is made of adhesive paper and you can choose at your discretion both the shape and size of the label as well as the color of the print you prefer.

Gift adhesive label to sign the package

To fix the customized ribbon on the wrapping paper and complete the look of an important gift it is essential to use your customize stickers.

Made of adhesive paper, you can freely choose the shape and size you prefer and decide which color to print your logo.

Vinyl stickers, small quantities for special events

Practical small-sized custmizable stickers available in rectangular, round and oval shapes from which to choose the one that best suits the message you want to convey.

Printed in color even in small quantities, these vinyl stickers allow you to differentiate the contents and customize your packaging as you prefer, both with your logo and with a detail related to events, occasions or special occasions.

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