Keep your collectible coins in a blister

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Enter the world of collectible coins and offer them in blister

As with diamonds in blisters, a blister for rare coins collectors is also a perfect gift for an anniversary. The intrinsic value and timeless beauty of a collector's coin guarantee success and appreciation on any occasion. In fact, it is no coincidence that gold is commonly referred to as a "safe haven".

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Loose blister packs for rare coins

A gold coin, or one made of precious material, is a perfect gift for any occasion.

Offer it to your customers in the best possible way thanks to the right Loose Coin Blister pack, customized with your logo and accompanied by a tag indicating the value of the coin. The closure with four tear-off screws guarantees safety and protection.

Coin blisters: a guaranteed success gift

A beautiful gold coin is a perfect object for any occasion in people's lives, from birth to baptism, to any important occasion and celebration or for coin collector. Not only that: it is also ideal for professional coins collection or sporting occasions such as award ceremonies, competitions or corporate events. In any case, the precious object must be honored in the best way.

That is why we propose that you complete the gold coin or medal not only with the blister but also with a suitable case and a coordinated jewelry bag. In our collection you will find many options to choose from:


1 - A display case with the coins always in sight

2 - a case with coin capsules

3 - a pencil case and shopper per mount

4 - and an elegant coin blister case


Discover all in our online shop and look at the selection below:

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Coins classic, time less presentation box

Presentation box for loose coin blisters, outside wrapped with matt coated paper available in different colors and with satin and rubber interior. Suitable for blisters in 85x55x8mm format.

The collection Coins Classic is customizable with your logo hot-stamped on the inside or digitally on the coin blister or on the outside of the box.

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Monete capsule, perfect for your precious coins

The Coin capsules presentation box, is perfectly suitable for coins with till diameter of 32,5 mm, and keep coins in the mint collection condition. Inside the partition of Monete capsule box is fitted a transparent capsule has a secure and easy-to-open closure thanks to the outer edge, ensuring perfect protection of the coins.

Customizable with your logo printed on the internal box tag.

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Presentation boxes with gift bag, Coins Basic

The collection Coins Basic includes a presentation box with gift bag, made with matt coated metallic paper. The presentation box has a flocked rubber insert with a coin holder and is available in different colors and sizes.

Your hot-stamped logo can be placed inside the case but also on the shopper which is also accompanied by a practical dedication card.

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Coins Twin, always in sight

The presentation box of the Coins Twin collection are a hymn to simplicity.

The case consists of two transparent PVC windows framed by a plastic profile that can be customized with your logo. The coin enclosed between the two PVC films is stable and protected from shocks. Furthermore, the display in the window is practical and fast thanks to the aid of the stand.

Enhance your products with the right displays

Our blog Enhance your products with the right jewelry displays speaks clearly and therefore, to meet your needs for display but also for tidy and functional storage of the product, our offer is completed with the display and the container for coins in blister packs, the ideal tools to highlight all the characteristics of the product and thus facilitate both the presentation and the sale of gold coins.

Coin containers are the ideal tools to highlight all the features of the product and thus facilitate both the presentation and the sale of gold coins. They can also be a welcome gift for any enthusiast who jealously guards his coin collection. Find out all colleciont in our blog Enhance collector coins and present with the right exhibitors

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