Men's jewelry: a growing reality that deserves attention

Men's jewelry, a market with great potential

Not everyone knows the history of men's jewelry.
In fact, few are aware of the fact that men started wearing jewels long before women: as a good luck charm, as amulets for protection or as decorative for beauty, that of men's jewelry is a long and fascinating story.
Neanderthal man was the first to wear jewelry made about 130,000 years ago by putting teeth and shells together. After him there were the nobles of ancient Egypt who wore them to attract the benevolence of the gods and keep away the evil spirits and soldiers of ancient Greece who wore them instead as spiritual protection in battles.
The royal dynasties of many peoples of the world (British, Oriental, Russian tsars, etc ...) made it a question of status, exceeding in quantity especially in official ceremonies. Pirates and sailors often wore jewels and in particular single gold men's earrings, to distinguish themselves from other men and as a guarantee to pay for a Christian burial in the event of death in a distant land.
Today men's jewels are an accessory and a very popular and appreciated complement. They are no longer a distinctive element for the status of noble or the reputation of a pirate, but a men's gold necklace or men's bracelets are very popular jewels and are worn by people of all ages and social backgrounds. In a more or less ostentatious way, public figures, singers, actors, politicians and sportsmen show off.
In a reality where men's cosmetics account for 24% of the global spending of the sector, it becomes appropriate to pay attention to jewels for men with a dedicated space in the store window that makes them visible and easily identifiable, presentation boxes with a strong masculine character and a whole series of accessories designed specifically for the needs of modern man.

Cubo black, elegance of proportions

The Cubo Black presentation boxes are an emblem of elegance and symmetry.
Made in an elegant black color that goes well with men's jewelery, they are covered in matt dyed-through paper while the interior is made of soft flocked fabric.
Suitable to accommodate all types of jewelry, they can be customized with your logo inside or outside with digital printing.

Gentleman, men's presentation boxes

The Gentleman collection presentation boxes are ideal for men's jewelry.  They are externally covered with laminated and embossed lizard paper of an elegant black color while the inside is made with flocked fabric and satin paper. 

You can customize the jewelry packaging with your logo hot-stamped on the inner lining or on the outside with digital printing.

Night, jewerly packaging and gift bags in black matte paper

The Notte collection offers presentation boxes and sgift bags covered in embossed paper and matte black plastic, internal in flocked rubber and customizable with your logo hot-stamped on the outside of the lid.
Each jewelry packaging is accompanied by an elegant gift bag also in matte black paper, customizable and complete with accompanying note.

SCURO collection, the right choice for Men's jewelry

The Scuro serie is made with two pieces presentation boxes made of cardboard and wrapped with paste-dyed paper of an elegant black color that is well suited to all jewels. These presentation boxes are perfect combination with the Scuro shopper collection. The insert is in soft flocked rubber with multiple cuts, ideal for holding any type of jewel. They can be customized with your hot-stamped logo.

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Bond display, designed for men's jewelry

The Bond series display is perfect for your window and meet the style modern man's needs. The clean and essential lines of the steel structure combined with the elegance of the black microfibre supports make this display perfect for presenting any men's jewelry collection.

You can customize it with your logo.

Griffes Man point of sale

The Griffes Man point of sales are perfect for creating a setting dedicated to men's jewelry. The display consists of a plexiglass base on which the supports made of shockproof glossy plexiglass rest, with boxed backs and customizable with the printing of the different carats and prices of the jewels on display. 

It is possible to complete the display with a retro graphic panel and customize all elements with your logo.

Riviére, the tray with clean design

Essential and linear, the counter trays of the Riviére collection are made with a resistant and at the same time light structure. Available with genuine white leather or ivory or black flocked fabric, they are ideal for highlighting the characteristics of your jewels.

Do not miss the gloves for jewelery in soft microfibre, essential for handling jewels with care.

AGATA pouch rolls

The collection of Jewelry rolls AGATA is made of embossed saffiano PU and interior in elegant microfiber. Both the interior and the exterior can be made in the colors you prefer within our range. Folded into a roll and closed by string to be knotted, the pouch roll is completed with a very useful external label holder pocket.

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