The customized jewelry gift bags are a certain advertising

Customized jewelry gift bags

In a jewelry store, any choice must be made with the utmost care and attention. There are no marginal or light details, on the contrary ... often it is the little things that speak louder than us. This is why the choice of jewelry packaging must be made in the name of quality and in perfect coherence with the brand image. With an eye to the jewelry gift bags, strictly personalized! A beautiful, customized is an important marketing tool and is as good as an open-ended advertisement. It might sound strange, but come to think of it, that's exactly how it is.
The customized gift bags for jewelry with your logo is the object with which the customer leaves your store and starts moving around the city, shopping and meeting people. Once the product has been chosen and the purchase has been made, the jewel (or watch) is placed in its presentation box, wrapped in gift paper and decorated with a beautiful personalized ribbon stopped by the gift label of the jewelry to be finally placed in the bag custom card with your logo. The customer leaves your jewelry with its precious envelope, the contents of which are secured from prying eyes, possibly with a closure label that guarantees confidentiality.
Nothing is known about the content, but a lot can be understood from your brand on the shopper 😊

Italy, the pleasure of choice

Many sizes and many colors available in this collection that offers a wide choice in the name of all-Italian manufacturing excellence. The Italy collection is characterized by the robustness of the jewelry gift bags combined with the possibility of choosing among many sizes, thinking specifically for jewelry products. 

Made of plasticized paper with reinforced bottom and top flap, the Italy gift bags are completed with tone-on-tone polypropylene handles and with the customization of your logo hot printed on one side or both.

Busca, the gift bag that becomes a box

Jewelry gift bags that become shopper or presentation boxes; a single product, many garments and personalities.

This peculiar jewelry gift bags has the characteristic of being able to close on both sides with a simple gesture, taking the shape of a perfectly closed and safe parallelepiped. The Busca gift bag are equipped with two practical cotton handles that complete its aesthetics, it can be customized in color and with your logo hot printed on one side or both.

Surprise effect for great emotions

Customized jewelry gift bags are also the first thing the gift recipient sees. It is the one that triggers the surprise and excitement. It is the gift that contains the gift. Personalized gift bags can have many shapes, they can be simple or particular, classic or creative, with neutral colors or characterized and trendy. Whatever the choice, it is starting from the personalized envelopes that those who receive the gift begin to dream.

Chain, your jewel gift box

The collection Chain is a jewelry gift box for jewelry. Elegant and refined, it is made of matt coated and embossed paper and is embellished with a groumette chain attached with a carabiner and can be used as a handle.

You can customize it with your logo hot printed on one side or both.

Quality matters

Always choose an elegant and resistant material for your personalized bags, paying particular attention to strength and ease of use. This way, you have a very good chance that your envelope will be reused many times, on both large and small occasions… and your name will travel with it around the city.

Leopard, the gift bag that does not go unnoticed

Jewelry gif bags with a strong character and undoubted personality. The Leopard collection is made of leopard print laminated paper, with reinforced bottom and top flap.
The product is completed with the black polypropylene handles and the customization with your logo hot printed on one side or both.

Luxury shopper BRILLANTE serie

This luxury shopper has the right proportions to confer the elegant way all the small presentation boxes of the BRILLANTE collection. The practical "open and close" system keeps the content protected even for subsequent uses. You can customize it with your hot-stamped logo.

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