Watches: value, tradition and timeless charm

The watch is a precious object with a timeless charm

The watch is a precious object that cannot be replaced by the banal digital display of a latest generation mobile phone, because its value goes beyond the simple "measurement of time". It is an object of tradition and of great charm; for some it is an irreplaceable status symbol, for others a memory, an object that is handed down from generation to generation.

Luxury watches are stylish accessories with a timeless charm, a perfect gift for an important birthday, an anniversary, Father's Day. They are also a wonderful gift for a Baptism, Confirmation, coming of age or graduation. On closer inspection, there is no occasion for which watches are not absolutely appropriate and undoubtedly appreciated.
As a precious object, the watch needs to be treated and stored with great care and attention to preserve the perfect synchrony of the movement and its components, which can be up to 1728 parts in the famous "Caliber 89" by Patek Philippe, considered the most complex watch ever made. In our range of products dedicated to watchmaking you will find everything you need for your watch sale, from the presentation box to the display, from the roll to the collection box.
Since the watch deserves a prominent place in your window, you can choose from different displays and supports according to your tastes and needs, knowing that they are all perfect for presenting your watches because they are characterized by simple and linear elements that give maximum prominence. to your products.
There are classic and timeless presentation boxes, ideal for packaging products and the case of time, designed for those who want to preserve their perfect and delicate functionality. You can also satisfy your need to collect multiple products in a single collection box in order to present and store an entire collection with the utmost practicality. In our range you will also find an extremely practical and useful product for both you and your customer: the watch pouch, which is used to best preserve the single watch, even better if together with the documentation that certifies its model and characteristics.
The pouch is the right accessory when it is delivered to you for repair or ordinary or extraordinary maintenance. Furthermore, at the end of the assistance service you can make a courteous and certainly appreciated gesture: return it to the customer in a practical and elegant pouch, perhaps customized with your logo.
Last but not least you will find a soft but compact microfiber cloth made with attention to detail and customizable with your logo. A perfect accessory to remove fingerprints and dust on watch cases and straps without damaging the fine leather or damaging the shine of the materials.

Carrara, marble-effect watch display

The Carrara W collection displays are perfect to showcase your jewels and watches and immediately communicate value and substance. In fact, the structure recalls marble, a material of great value that for centuries recalls art, elegance and Italian style. The "marble effect" coating is made of high-quality coated and laminated paper and covers an internal structure in medium density, that is, wood treated in a particular way to give the exhibitor characteristics of lightness but at the same time great resistance. 

The display is completed with the supports to support the jewels and watches, covered in soft and elegant black microfiber.
Customizable with your logo by digital printing.

Crono lux, personalized watch display

Practical and elegant Crono lux displays for window and counter clocks. Made of soft scratch-resistant flocked fabric, these displays have the characteristic of being able to be customized with your logo printed on a metal-effect plate.

You can also choose the color version you prefer and that best suits your needs among those available in the range.

Calibro lux, the elegance of lacquered wood

Simple and refined supports for window and counter clocks. The Calibro lux collection consist of a glossy lacquered wooden base that can be customized with your logo printed on a metal effect plate.

The metal clip is covered in scratch-resistant rubber, perfect for displaying bracelets and watches giving maximum visibility to the product.


Datario luxury, simply personalized

Simple and linear watches display, made of transparent acrylic. The Datario Lux collection offer maximum compactness and display stability to the presentation of the product in your point of sale which is highlighted in every detail thanks to the neutral and essential shapes of the supports. Distinctive feature: the ability to customize them with your logo printed in four colors.

The display set includes 3 supports with customized base and different heights to make your display more dynamic and attractive.

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GMT display, the key player is your watch

Do you want to emphasize every detail of your watch?

If your watch deserves a showcase starring role, you can use GMT watch stand. Thanks to a steel stem and movable clip in flexible plastic not to damage the strap, this holder allows an elegant and essential display that gives maximum emphasis to your product.

You can choose the color and height according to your needs.

Vintage, the timeless presentation box

The Vintage collection offers precious and exclusive cases for watches. Hinged and packaged with precious materials such as embossed leatherette and plasticized paper with reptile effect. The interior is finished with classic and elegant exposed wood or soft flocked fabric.

You can personalize the box with your logo with hot printing.

MyTime boxes, elegant and functional

Precious box set for storing five or ten watches. The MyTime collection box are wrapped with PU of different colors, it has an interior in soft flocked fabric embellished with visible stitching that accentuates its discreet elegance.

You can make it unique and even more precious by customizing with your digital printing logo on the outside of the lid.

Astuccio del Tempo for watches always in charge

An automatic watch tends to stop if it is not worn continuously. This involves the uncomfortable, and not always easy, need to have to adjust the time and date each time as well as the risk of wear of the crown and axes. From this need comes the Astuccio del Tempo, covered in embossed imitation leather and equipped with a timed reload movement with 4 different programs. Perfect for keeping your automatic watch charged correctly, it only works with a home power supply and can be personalized with your logo printed on metallic adhesive paper. Each case includes power adapter, instructions in English and a cloth to clean the watch.

[VIDEO] How to activate the Astuccio del Tempo

Sunny Vedo, with practical front window

If you want to keep and preserve your watches, the bag from the Sunny Vedo collection has all the credentials to be the top of the market offer. Made of scratch-resistant bi-flocked fabric that also covers the internal button, it guarantees maximum protection for your watch also thanks to the insert that always keeps it in place.

The practical front window allows you to immediately know the model contained and is also customizable on the outside with your hot-stamped logo.

[VIDEO] SUNNY VEDO watches pouch

Sunny, a timeless classic

Scratch-resistant double-flocked fabric bag to ensure maximum protection for your watch. All sizes of Sunny collection are equipped with an internal scratch-resistant button and a rigid rectangular insert in the same color as the bag that keeps the watch stationary.

The outside of the bag can be customized with your hot stamped logo.

Tempo, custom watch pouche

The Tempo collection offers an envelope with a customizable pocket, made of PVC to best preserve and protect your watches. The transparency of the material allows perfect visibility of the product, which is kept in position also thanks to the soft sponge that helps its correct exposure.

In the back pocket there is the certificate of origin and authenticity relating to the watch itself so that nothing risks being lost, which can be customized with your logo.

Panno lux, perfect cloth for watches

The Panno lux cloth is ideal for cleaning luxury watches. Made of soft and compact microfiber, it is characterized by a uniform and regular seam on both sides.

This cloth is perfect for removing fingerprints and dust residues on fine cases and straps also thanks to the fact that there are no solvents or aggressive agents that could ruin the fine leather straps or damage the shine of the materials. It can also be customized with your hot-stamped logo.
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