Precious diamond cases

We suggest to sell loose diamond to your customers who are looking for a gift for a birth, Baptism, first Communion or Confirmation, first or 18th birthdayGiving blister pack is always a winning idea and a definitely appreciated gift that can be kept as an investment or worn as a solitaire or light point necklace with a beautiful precious setting.

To make the packaging even more elegant and give even more emphasis to the surprise effect, you can enrich the blister packaging with a beautiful personalized diamond presentation box. Our blister presentation boxes can be purchased separately of the blisters and adapt to their standard measures, credit card version but also IGI blister diamonds (i.e. 75x40mm and 85x54mm).
All diamond blister packs can be customized with your logo with hot stamping or digital printing.

The final touch of class concerns the packaging of the blister pack:

  • wrapped with personalized wrapping paper
  • closed and decorated with a nice bow made with a personalized gift ribbon
  • finally sealed with personalized gift label with your logo

A personalized gift bag with simple and clean lines and success is guaranteed.

Diamond case
Goccia top

Boxes for diamonds in blister packs


The GOCCIA TOP collection is perfect for adding emphasis and value to a gift such as blistered diamonds. The blister packs in the 85.5x54x8mm format are available in two variants:

The themed subjects of the version with greeting cards are related to babe baptism, baby baptism, 18 years, graduation, engagement and a generic lucky charm suitable for everyone.

The presentation boxes can be personalized with your logo hot printed on the inside liner, or on the outside of the box using matt digital printing; As well as the guarantee certificates, they are personalized with digital printing. These boxes match perfectly with the Gift bags with closure.


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Note: the diamond in the photo has only an explanatory function of the packaging method, it is not precious and is excluded from the product for sale.

Goccia top

Diamond case


Goccia top presentation box with blister and gemological certificate 240x130x30

€ 14.00

Pack 20 pieces

€ 280.00 excluding VAT

Goccia top presentation box with blister, certificate and gift bag 240x130x3

€ 17.00

Pack 20 pieces

€ 340.00 excluding VAT

Goccia top presentation box with blister and anniversary tickets 240x130x30

€ 13.70

Pack 20 pieces

€ 274.00 excluding VAT

Goccia top with blister, anniversary tickets and gift bag 240x130x30

€ 16.70

Pack 20 pieces

€ 334.00 excluding VAT