Precious stone display cases

We suggest to sell loose diamond to your customers who are looking for a gift for a birth, Baptism, first Communion or Confirmation, first or 18th birthday, protected in a wonderful blister pack as it's always a winning idea, even more so if stored in an elegant blister-holder presentation box packed with:

-  personalized wrapping paper

- customized gift ribbon

- and closed with customized gift label

Our blister presentation boxes can be purchased separately of the blisters and adapt to their standard measures, credit card version but also IGI blister diamonds (i.e. 75x40mm and 85x54mm). All diamond blister packs can be customized with your logo with hot stamping or digital printing.

Kimberley top - Box with blister
Kimberley top
Starting from

€ 10.00

cad. excluding VAT
Zircone top - Box with blister
Zircone top
Starting from

€ 13.50

cad. excluding VAT