Value added

THECA Astucci is an Italian company specialized in customized jewelry boxes, window displays and shopping bags.

THECA astucci was founded in 1989 and it is now well known and valued in the luxury goods industry. THECA astucci is constantly looking for and working on new styles and designs, aiming towards our customers’ satisfaction. Innovation and quality are two of the main distinctive traits of the company.

Every jewelry box by THECA astucci is manufactured with care, focusing on every single detail in order to enhance the beauty and preciousness of the jewel inside of it. The manufacture of our products starts with an idea, which turns into a drawing and is developed and perfected with the use of technology.

Each product is then customized to meet the customer’s need. That is the challenge that THECA astucci is ready to win in your store. THECA astucci is design, character and style. THECA astucci is value added.