Jewellery presentation boxes

With the Presentation boxes we offer real added value to your precious objects. In fact, we have the equipment to make hot stamping, laser cutting and engraving, digital printing, plotter for pre-spaced and screen printing in order to guarantee speed, precision and quality of the result. The collection of jewelry gift boxes consists:

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Collection of cases for precious coins to be personalized with logo, with more than 70 internal diameters available for investment coins, collector coins and commemorative coins also in the BU coin version. Discover all the measurements among the following categories:

Monete capsule

Collectible coins container

Coin boxes PROFILO


All single box models can be used as medal cases and trophy cases.

Jewellery packaging

The right choice of Jewelry packaging supplies is the basis for an important gift because the presentation plays on surprise and promises the joy of discovery. Choose from the wide collection of:

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Boxes and Blister

For every important occasion a special thought is required, often precious and it is not always easy to find the right object. In the Presentation box and blisters for diamond category you can find the ideal solution for packaging a diamond, a gold bar or a collector's coin in precious material. In the collection can be find:

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Personalised shopping bags

The beautiful customized Personalised shopping bags are a permanent advertisement. It's the functional and elegant object with which the customer leaves your jewelry. The custom gift bags are the first thing that those who receive the gift see and it is what triggers the surprise and emotion. If you choose an elegant and resistant material from:

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Jewelry soft case

All the Jewelry soft cases delicately protect the jewels and take up little space in the safe. The full collection consist of:

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Watch boxes and displays

An object of great charm and tradition, the watch is a timeless value because it goes beyond the simple function of "measuring time": an irreplaceable status symbol for some, a memory for others, an object that is handed down from generation to generation. In the category Watch boxes and display you will find everything you need:

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Wedding rings box

In the Wedding rings accessories you will find the widest collection of boxes, trays, caskets and displays for wedding rings.
For every need you can choose between:

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Jewellery accessories

Jewellery accessories is the right place to find what every jeweler needs for counter and safe uses, what it takes to show, clean and keep jewels. Organization is important with:

All elements designed to organize and protect the jewels and watches in your shop. There are also the essential accessories such as:

There is what it takes to identify jewelry and watches with

Gift bags and boxes

The Gift bags and boxes are the winning combination to elegantly pack your jewels. The whole collections of jewellery packaging with presentation boxes and gift bags is made up of:many versions:

  • Diamante, the most complete solution with closing ribbon for the box
  • Black Magic then the very elegant versions that elaborate the Black
  • Fiocco collections are much more simple with bow alreaty made and glued on lid
  • Vanity collections jewelry gift boxes without ribbon
  • Bimbi themed version of the astuccishop
  • Natural bio ​for those who pay particular attention to nature
  • Milano collection are at the top of gift bags and boxes

Jewelry display

In the collection of Jewelry displays you will find everything you need to best display the jewels in your showcase, which is the first meeting place between the customer and your products.

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Do you have a special moment to remember and make unique?

In this section Box with Dedication you will find the products that can be individually customized with an inscription, names, an important date. They thus become unique and exclusive, perfect for giving real added value to all those precious items that are given away to celebrate special occasions such as:

Or an important anniversary that you particularly care about.


We turn our perfectionism into a great buying opportunity! 
All the products in the Sale category, which can be customized with your logo, are in fact with

We are so scrupulous that we have decided to group many products in this section that, for various reasons, are excluded from the range proposed in our Online Shop: models outside collection, small quantities of discontinued products, colors that have lost some of their original brilliance. There are also some products that have small imperfections (which probably only we notice) and which are always clearly indicated in the description of each individual model.

Blog and Video tutorial

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For each topic covered you will be able to find out how to use our products and learn about useful tips



Theca was founded in 1989 to create objects with added value in the jewellery gift boxes world and in particular for presentation boxes, jewellery packaging and all kind of packaging for jewelry. Every day our commitment is towards quality proposals, managing all stages internally, from study and design, to prototyping and production. Our attention goes towards the enhancement of the product in jewelry stores, therefore of the jewelry showcase, jewelry displays and in particular the displays for necklaces, necklaces holders, earrings display. The focus also goes to some parts of the furniture of the jewelers, such as the jewelry cabinets that allows you to organize the various types in a rational and orderly way, like a remarkable series that sees the watch case, which has the double function of enhancing and to protect. We design and manufacture commonly used accessories in jewelry such as the jewelry tray, in precious and light materials at the same time, the jewelry roll, made of soft material to avoid scratches, but of top quality, to enhance objects in front of customers, and finally the collection of Jewellery boxes to store your jewels.We take care of the image at every stage, from the jewelry showcase to presentation boxes, from price tags to Jewelry gift bags, from jewelry soft cases to jewelry presentation boxes. Discover in our blog little and big secrets to enhance your jewelry, such as the post on how to set up a jewelry showcase in 7 simple steps and the choice of the best jewelry furniture, or wedding rings box ring bearers from our blog Wedding rings and ring holders. Theca is best place to find jewelry boxes wholesale for your needs. Attention also to the new collection of Recycled Packaging Boxes as we explain in our blog Eco friendly Packaging: harmony and awareness. We have also a perfect collection of Wedding favour bags and Graduation favours for your needs.

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