Watches box 

The watch is a precious object as jewelry and needs to be treated and stored in box watches with great care and attention to preserve the perfect synchrony of the movement and its components. It is important to preserve its aesthetics and functionality on every occasion, even in your home as they are removed from the wrist and placed in watch boxes when returning home.

A leather watch box or a watch storage box are two perfect accessories for this purpose. Alternatively, especially when it is necessary to have several watches with you at the same time, even when traveling and on the move, there are multi-product watch cases, which are leather watch cases ideal for this kind of need.

In our range of organizer there are different types of boxes for watches. You can find the ideal men's watch box by choosing from the following watch box series, with top glass windows, drawers:

  • Mytime Series - 5 and 10 watch display case covered in embossed imitation black and brown leather 
  • Mytime travel  series - travel watch box for collector
  • Clessidra series - soft watch organizer right place where you can fit wrist watch

These collection of watch box for men are also suitable for small lady watches, and each item of watch holder is customizable with your logo usually on the outside lid of watch display case.

Inside the Mytime watch display box serie the clips are with adaptable size, thus to hold small and large watches.



Watches storage case

Travel watch case MyTime

Starting from

€ 14.60

cad. excluding VAT

Watch rolls Clessidra

Starting from

€ 32.00

cad. excluding VAT

Watches storage box MyTime

Starting from

€ 35.28

cad. excluding VAT