Customized wrapping papers

The thrill of receiving a gift passes through a timeless ritual that increases trepidation: surprise and discovery! And it is the headed gift paper that hides the jewelry box and its contents, a paper that anticipates the value of the object also thanks to your signature. Make it not just a customizable glossy paper packaging, but a real outfit for your packaging.

Choose the personalized gift wrapping paper online from the Theca astucci collection:

Make it not just a custom wrapping paper, but an elegant dress for your packaging. Don't skimp on the quality of a beautiful gift wrap print or custom tissue paper. Put your logo on the wrapping paper to be printed and differentiate yourself from all the others.

To complete your packaging with an added touch of class, you can make a nice bow with a customized gift ribbon and customized gift label.

What kind of paper is used for wrapping papers?

The wrapping paper can be of different colours, anonymous or customized with the logo of the jewellery store. If you want to use a personalized ribbon with your logo, it is preferable not to personalize the paper, while a simple and anonymous ribbon also goes well with a rich and personalized wrapping paper.
Our wrapping papers are characterized by their high quality and are made in such a way as to ensure good color retention which is not released on the underlying surfaces or on the hands of the person handling it. The optimal specific weight of a good wrapping paper varies from 30 to 70 gr/mq

How is the wrapping paper made?

Wrapping paper is made from cellulose and is typically not recycled paper. It can be anonymous or personalized; in both cases you can choose to make the package richer by wrapping the case in tissue paper before using the personalized wrapping paper; the optimal weight of tissue paper is 21 gr/mq.

How much does wrapping paper cost?

"If you're looking for information on the cost of wrapping paper, you've come to the right place! packages it is important to plan your budget for each package.

The cost of wrapping paper can vary based on various factors, including the desired quantity, the quality of the material and the number of printing colours. The cheapest is certainly the pastel paper, with a pleasant texture and natural paper effect. On the contrary, the most valuable is the polypropylene version called Raflex paper, thinner but equally resistant.

The wrapping paper can be purchased in reams of 12 kg if it is not printed, or in lots of 25 kg. if requested with the logo, and in this case the price is higher.

In general, the cost of wrapping paper can vary from 20.00 euros per kilo for the standard anonymous version to a higher figure of around 45.00 euros per kilo for the high-end and personalized version. It's important to consider how much wrapping paper you need for your project and balance it against your budget.

In addition to the price, we also advise you to evaluate the resistance, ease of use and eco-sustainability of the wrapping paper. Opting for a natural wrapping paper can help protect your objects and our environment by limiting the polluting impact.

Wrapping paper

Customized Wrapping paper

Starting from

€ 19.90

cad. excluding VAT

Tissue paper customized

Starting from

€ 25.90

cad. excluding VAT

Tissue paper no logo

Starting from

€ 75.90

cad. excluding VAT

Wrapping paper no logo

Starting from

€ 16.90

cad. excluding VAT