Wedding bags online

Collection of online wedding bags perfect for making a special day like the wedding ceremony unforgettable. There are many variations but the most appreciated by the spouses are based on three main models of the ideal wedding bags:

Each of these collections gives a solution to specific needs and answers the classic questions that arise spontaneously about products such as wedding bag accessories, namely:

  • How is a wedding bag made?

The wedding bag is created with two strategic choices by the spouses: which purses to use, choosing those that best match their tastes and the harmony of the wedding event, and which products to put in the shopping bags. What the spouses do not normally do is the operational part: the collection of objects to be inserted in the wedding bags and the composition of the bags is delegated to the bridesmaids, friends, cousins ​​and aunts.

  • What must be in the wedding bag?

The content of the wedding handbags is at the total discretion of the spouses because it is basically a matter of deciding what you want the guests to have for the day. All those useful items are then chosen both during and after the wedding ceremony and they are packaged in a beautiful practical and elegant bag. Fans, bags of rice, tissues, clutch, mints, water, soap bubbles to celebrate, the map to reach the restaurant, the cockade to decorate the car and much more.

  • How to distribute the wedding bags?

You can freely choose how to proceed, but it is certainly better to deliver the wedding bags at the beginning of the day.
A table can be set up in front of the ceremony place to deliver the bags to arriving guests or they can be found directly in the Church or Municipality by occupying the alternating sessions. Another option is to have them delivered at the end of the wedding ceremony by the bridesmaids or friends of the bride.

All in neutral or white colors, the wedding bags can be customized with hot stamping with the names of the bride and groom or the wedding date.


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Wedding bag

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