Jewellery cleaner cloths

Like all precious things, our jewels and watches also require care and attention. Despite the appropriate treatment, over time they tend to lose their brilliance and become opaque. It happens naturally with the passage of time but even more so if we use them often and they remain in contact with sweat, body care or home care products (such as creams, soaps, perfumes, detergents, etc.).

In addition to the aesthetic motivation, another good reason to clean jewels should not be underestimated: in fact, as confirmed by a scientific research by the National Institutes of Health, enemies such as microbes and bacteria that can creep into the frames or cracks of the metal can nest. .

It is valid for all precious objects but above all for rings that come into contact with everything that the hands touch. In fact, it often happens that the rings are removed before washing the hands, especially the larger ones or with more complex frames; in this way the ring does not wash off and bacteria risk lurking in the jewelry for a long time.

It thus becomes essential to know How to clean jewels and precious objects, or how to clean glasses. Our microfiber cloths are a practical and irreplaceable help to ensure cleanliness and shine to the jewels to be displayed in the window. If you don't know how to clean silver here you will find the right solution.

  • The Panno version is the simplest and cheapest watch polishing cloth, the most compact and elegant
  • Panno Lux suitable for watches
  • The Panno Net soaked in solvent is the best solution for jewelry polishing cloth.

You can also customize all jewellery polishing cloths with your logo and pay tribute to your customers who will appreciate it.

Jewelry polishing cloth

jewelry polish cloth Panno

Starting from

€ 2.90

cad. excluding VAT

jewelry polish cloth Panno lux

Starting from

€ 2.95

cad. excluding VAT

jewelry polish cloth Panno net

Starting from

€ 1.90

cad. excluding VAT