Each customer has his own bespoke hot or color presentation box

Packaging as a strategic element

This applies to everyone, especially in luxury: packaging is a strategic element! It is essential to affirm the brand identity of the brand and to convey the history, values ​​and distinctive characteristics of the brand.
The packaging of a luxury product must itself speak of value and elegance because its ultimate goal is to give an emotion, a feeling, a dream. Great attention must therefore be paid to factors such as the choice of materials, shape, colors and sizes as well as the ability to customize the package with your logo. The personalization of a presentation box is a crucial factor to which great attention must be paid.
This is why we have chosen to internally manage the various steps of study and customization of the product and have invested significant resources in the purchase of equipment to create our customers' logos, typically with the use of hot stamping and colour printing. In this way not only can we guarantee maximum reliability and speed in customization, but we are also able to offer some models with logo even with the purchase of small quantities.
In fact, unlike the common market practice that requires the purchase of large quantities in order to be able to hot print or colour, Theca customers can choose to customize their products even for quantities in the order of a dozen presentation boxes.

Hot stamping for a really precious logo

Among the most used and appreciated techniques for the personalization of presentation boxes we find hot stamping. The hot stamping process allows you to give your logo or text a metallic effect both in color and in texture, typically gold and silver, but bronze and copper can also be obtained.

Technically it consists of a process that involves the deposition of a thin metal sheet called foil that is interposed between a cliché heated to a temperature between 100 and 170 ° C and the support we want to print, for example the presentation box. The application of the correct pressure at the right temperature and for an ideal time allows you to transfer a brilliant, precious and elegant logo to our presentation box. Hot stamping also guarantees excellent quality and excellent durability of processing, at an affordable price.

Nabuka basic presentation boxes in elegant microfiber

The Nabuka Basic series of presentation boxes is a collection of products completely covered with soft microfibre which gives them a special elegance.
Each piece of the collection is also packaged in a gift box made of cardboard and covered with paper that fulfills the double aesthetic-protective role. The customization with your logo can be done on the gift box and on the inside of the box with hot stamping.

Theca Black it is the new color

A black total look perfect to emphasize and bring out the personality of men's jewelry. The Theca Balck series presentation boxes are the perfect interpretation of this mood.

Covered with coated and lizard embossed paper, they can be customized on the outside with your logo with matte digital printing. The inside of the box is in satin and velvet that can be customized with your logo hot-stamped in a precious special color that gives the product a unique and particular elegance.

Oxford case inspired by the early twentieth century

The Oxford presentation boxes are externally coated with skivertex and enriched with decorative gilt Greek motifs inspired by the boxes of the early twentieth century.

The interior is made of satin and velvet and each model is packaged with a cardboard gift box that protects and completes it. The box can be customized and embellished with your logo hot-stamped on the inside of the box or on the outside of the containing gift box.

Color printing: color fidelity for your logo

Among the most widespread and most used techniques to personalize the presentation boxes we find colour printing.
The colour printing process, also called four-color process, allows you to print your logo with the utmost respect not only for the graphics but also for the institutional colours of your brand. We are in fact perfectly aware of the value of the brand identity and of the importance of the perfect chromatic consistency of all the symbols and icons of reference of the brand in terms of recognition and notoriety.
The four-color process is the technique that allows you to reproduce and print an illustration in four colors, obtained by breaking down the image into the three primary colors: yellow, cyan and red to which black is added to improve the rendering of details and give the image a greater contrast effect.

Chiara lusso presentation boxes, perfect for ceremonies

Presentation boxes ideal for any event and anniversary. Classic and elegant, the Chiara lusso presentation boxes are covered with white soft touch paper with a soft gray microfiber interior.

You can customize them in many ways according to your preferences: - full logo hot-stamped on the inside of the case; - Full logo digital print on the outside; - decorative Greek made with the simplified logo; - any shape or design you wish, for example doves or crosses for gifts on the occasion of celebrations such as First Communion or Confirmation.

The soft touch in Scuro Style presentation boxes

Elegant presentation box Scuro Style serioe are covered outside in soft touch paper and internally in soft microfiber and satin.
The insert is removable and the bottom of the presentation box can be used as a universal jewelry box. It can be customized with your logo on the inside and outside.
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