Ring holder jewelry displays for your showcase

Ring holder jewelry displays for your showcase

Your wedding ring best proposal with the best displays

Discover the best personalized displays to present your wedding rings in a simple and orderly way and meet all the needs of your customers. Marriage is an ancient rite. In ancient times a ring was used to seal an important moment or a special event and that is why everything that nowadays concerns wedding rings and wedding rings takes on such great value. Even today, the exchange of wedding rings is a gesture full of solemnity and one of the most intense moments of the rite of marriage, be it religious or civil.
It is therefore part of a careful and far-sighted strategy to complete your window proposal with jewelry displays that highlight the complete range of your wedding ring models in the best possible way. The ideal presentation includes a jewelery window with a space dedicated to wedding rings that you can customize with your logo. Not only that, to create the right setting at a glance, you can customize your jewelry display with an image that immediately gives the feeling of a world dedicated to a unique and special moment such as a wedding.
Displaying the wedding rings in the right way is the secret to successful sales, especially for these products that involve the deepest emotions of your customer and who could fall in love with what they see in your window. Models and prices of your wedding rings are certainly fundamental, but the impact of the presentation should never be underestimated. With a clean and linear, complete and tidy presentation it is able to convey all the information needed to let the customer through the door of your jewelry store.
It is therefore essential to have everything you need to present the wedding rings to your customers in the best possible way. In our online store you will find both practical window displays and functional collection boxes, ideal for protecting and storing your wedding rings in the safe but also for displaying them in the window with a single gesture and showing them to your customers.
Remarks: the wedding rings in the picture have only an explanatory function of the packaging method, they are not precious and are excluded from the product on sale.
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Griffes, perfect wedding ring displays

Griffes wedding rings made with boxed base covered and display part in elegant imitation leather or opal plexiglass. Ideal for displaying 3 pairs of wedding rings in a linear and orderly way, also thanks to the side incisions that allow you to hide the individual price tags.
The exhibition part is to personalize them both with your logo and with the carats and prices of the jewels on display to make the display even more immediate and intuitive.
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Just Married display, your wedding rings in the window

Practical and functional box in matt coated paper, Just Married is ideal for displaying five pairs of wedding rings in your window. The insert, easily removable, is equipped with tabs to neatly present the rings and can be customized with your logo with matte digital printing.
It can also favor an elegant display thanks to an incision on the side of the insert that allows you to hide the price tag of the products. This wedding ring display can be customised with your logo and can be used as a stand to sign your showcase display.
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Gallery, the collection box that becomes a display

The wedding ring display from the Gallery collection is perfect for containing, storing and displaying 5 pairs of wedding rings. Coated externally with imitation leather and internally with soft flocked fabric, this box is ideal for presenting your wedding rings in an orderly manner but at the same time, with a single gesture, it can be displayed in the window or closed and stored in the safe.
The printing of your logo can personalize the product on the inner ring holder pad and on the cover lining that becomes raised in the display version.
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Marilyn, your display for wedding rings

Marilyn is a wedding ring display made of imitation leather and opaque plasticized paper in a classic and elegant ivory color. It consists of a rectangular display base on which four different supports rest to display a total of 5 pairs of wedding rings.

The display is completed with a customizable forex with an image and your logo.
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Esposa wedding ring display

Esposa point of sale for wedding rings, covered in embossed imitation leather and elegant flocked fabric. It consists of a rectangular display base on which four different supports rest to display a total of 5 pairs of wedding rings.
The display is completed with a stand and a customizable forex with your logo and an image of your choice.
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