Antique jewels and presentation boxes to protect a great value

Antique jewels

Antique jewels and the value of perfect packaging

Technically antique jewels are jewels that date back to an era before the 20th century and are a great historical and cultural heritage. They also have great value from an artistic point of view and the sale of antique jewelery must be wisely managed because it is not always easy to find competent people in antique jewellery.
Ancient jewellery, vintage jewellery, antique, historical and author's bijoux, the formulas to describe this heritage of ancient jewelery are many and different from each other, but a common thread unites them: a heritage of values ​​that are handed down.
The purchase of antique jewelery is conditioned by many factors because their evaluation can vary according to the age, origin and rarity of the object as well as its more or less careful conservation.
In jewellery shop, antique jewelery can be purchased from specialist retailers, auction houses or antique dealers, and can be restored or reworked to make it more modern and suited to contemporary tastes.

Some examples of antique jewelry for sale include jewelry made of gold, silver and sometimes even platinum, bronze and copper.
They are often decorated with pearls and precious stones such as rubies and sapphires, emeralds and diamonds and bear the signature of master goldsmiths who made them by hand with great care and particular skill.

Furthermore, vintage jewelery can also be collectibles, so they are sought after in jewelers as well as in flea markets and you can buy vintage jewelery online.
The prices of antique jewels can vary for many reasons and in parallel their value can increase over time. Therefore, the choice of antique jewelery requires a good knowledge of the market and of the characteristics of the various historical periods.

The great historical and emotional value of the antique jewel requires particular attention to the case that contains it. When I sell antique jewels I also sell history and tradition, therefore I have to choose a case that protects them over time, enhances them, highlights their best characteristics and peculiarities.

In general, when choosing packaging for antique jewelry, it is important to consider:
  • the material of the packaging, including paper, velvet, silk and wood; the latter being particularly useful because it absorbs humidity and helps prevent corrosion
  • the size of the jewel to be kept; in general, the presentation boxes are suitable for a good part even if they are quite large both in jewelery and antique jewelery online; in this case, couvettes or leather or velvet rolls may be useful
  • the type of conservation required which can be exclusively for the moment of the gift or for long periods; in general it is always advisable to keep them in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and sources of humidity.
In our range you can choose different collections of presentation boxes that are perfect for antique jewelery such as the:

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