Which price holder is right for your showcase?

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The price holder in your shop window speak about you

Sometimes are the details, even small and apparently insignificant like the Price tags, that make the difference. Your shop window is the first meeting point with your customers: the historical ones who already know you and the potential ones who are looking for a jewel or a watch to make a gift or a purchase for themselves. It is the first meeting point with all the people who are simply walking in front of your shop and are, for different reasons, captured by your window.

Your window talks about you and it does so before the customer even enters the jewelry store.

Each element in the window in fact transmits a message and helps to create your image in the eyes of the beholder. It does this positively, fueling expectations of trust and professionalism, but it could also row against you and transfer a communication that doesn't help your brand identity.
This is why every single choice must be carefully evaluated and weighted, because it helps to create the image that the customer creates of your jewelry store. If the window is the stage, the price tag is one of the main players. The price is in fact one of the first information that the potential customer looks for and the way you use to communicate it says a lot about you.
Within our range of price tags you will find different proposals among which to find the most consistent with your personality:
Snap, an economical and functional price tags labels

Snap, an economical and functional price tags labels

The pricetags in the Snap collection are the inexpensive and entry level version of this indispensable product to complete your window.

Simple and functional, there are 360 ​​modular pieces made of opaque or glossy plastic and available in three color versions: black, silver or gold.

All writings, from numbers to the euro symbol, are in a contrasting color to facilitate readability.

Snap Lux, prices tags with embossed numbers

Snap Lux, prices tags with embossed numbers

The Snap Lux pricetags collection offers elegant modular elements to associate each product in your window with the relative price in a simple and functional way. 

It consists of 480 individual elements made of golden plastic with black numbers and symbols. The raised writing makes the forms even more graceful.
Snap Metal, shaped and refined prices tags

Snap Metal, shaped and refined prices tags

The pricetags of the Snap Metal collection are ideal for ensuring that your window conveys a feeling of refinement even in the display of product prices. 

These are 504 modular elements made of golden metal, each with its own number or symbol shaped and profiled for a particularly graceful and elegant display.

Our price tags for jewelry shops are all modular and allow you to customize your window by choosing from different colors, shapes and sizes, all designed to be correctly proportioned to the jewelry products to which they will be placed side by side.

If the classic window requires the typical price tags, you have the possibility to expand your options by choosing special displays particularly suitable for small collections of similar products by type. In this case, you can display the products in an orderly and elegant way and highlight the price using the same price tag as the jewel. If you have entire collections that are made up of several types of jewelry, you can evaluate a price holder that aggregates the product / price information and highlights the collection and its elements.

Pubblicato il: 2 February 2024