What are the best Jewelry storage box?

Jewelry storage box

Organization is essential for conducting a sale and the use of appropriate jewelery boxes, watch boxes or jewelery truffles can significantly change the outcome of the sale. In fact, sometimes decisions are made in an instant, especially when it comes to purchasing a jewel or a valuable watch.

There are two types that distinguish jewelery containers:

Luxury jewellery box

1 - Luxury jewellery box

A single box designed to contain all the precious items, protect and safeguard them but also present them in an optimal way to your customers. This elegant and functional container is externally covered with sturdy plasticized and embossed paper. The perfect closure is guaranteed by two concealed metal hinges combined with the magnet on the front of the box.

It can also be customized with your logo on the outside with digital printing.

Made in the ideal sizes that optimize product presentation spaces, this accessory is perfect for protecting and safeguarding: your jewellery, be it rings, earrings, pendants or bracelets; your diamond blisters in mini or credit card version and your collector coins.

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Tartufone collection box

2 - Tartufone collection box

The Tartufone collection box, which is the ideal way to contain a large number of jewels in a limited space.

This foldable jewelery marmot with a polyester structure is entirely covered in soft, short-pile velvet. The particular interlocking closure allows you to make the most of the space in the safe and drawers, increasing the number of jewels kept. This version is also excellent for sales because it shows the jewels positioned in an orderly manner in a small space.

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Jewelry boxes: buying a dream!

Having all the products ordered and well cataloged allows you to quickly have the jewel requested by the customer available and allows you to give the right answer to their need without any waiting. In the delicate moment of choosing and purchasing your potential buyer, you must immediately find the collections you are looking for, you must have everything you want to show at hand.

It is therefore essential to prepare in advance to order, think about the presentation of the product and organize the vault in a way that meets your needs. The jewelry collectio n box from our collection are very helpful accessories because they perform different functions, all of which are strategic in managing your business.

Tartufone is also a special rigid jewelery roll, of medium size and with the characteristic of being able to be customized in the color you prefer within the proposed range. Finally, Marmotte jewelery containers are extremely practical and perfect for protecting your jewelery as they are extremely robust and resistant. You can choose the version you prefer and customize it with your logo in matte digital print. Marmots for rings, Marmots for necklaces and Marmots for earrings are available.

Choose the accessory that best suits your products and your needs to offer your customer the best possible purchasing experience.

Safeguarding the jewels for presentation during the sale has a gesture that for some finds space with the use of jewelery rolls. We talk about this aspect in our blog: Jewelry rolls, 5 reasons to use them in your shop.

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