Prices holder for shop window customizable, for an impactful showcase

Price holder for shop window, customizable
They seem like small and harmless accessories, but price holders can really make the difference between letting a customer enter through your front door or making him continue on his way, they can contribute to a sale or be the creator of a postponed purchase!
Price holders are much more than just pieces of plastic or metal on which to put a price. They are very powerful marketing and branding tools in all respects.

How to choose the right price holders

There are several factors that must be taken into consideration to fully highlight the commercial contribution that this tool is able to offer:
  1. aesthetics, because a well-designed price holder can really enhance the product on display. Transparent or colored materials, minimal or more elaborate design, every detail can be designed to integrate perfectly with the aesthetics of your shop and capture the customer's attention;
  2. originality, because in an increasingly competitive world, standing out is fundamental and price holders can become real allies in this mission
  3. personalization, which allows you to always remind customers of the values ​​and personality of your brand;
  4. readability, with particular attention to font size and type, can make the difference between a satisfied customer and a frustrated one;
  5. practicality, in fact the price holders must be easily updateable because as we well know offers and prices can change quickly. It therefore becomes strategic to opt for simple solutions that allow you to quickly change the prices displayed, saving time and reducing errors;
  6. the quality of the materials as the plastic or plexiglass price holders offer resistance and durability over time, are easy to clean and convey a signal of professionalism and attention to detail. Investing in a good quality accessory also saves money in the long run.
Price holder for shop window, customizable

Window price holder

Our window price holders are perfect allies for those looking for a practical, economical and super versatile solution to display the prices of their products and significantly improve the purchasing experience of their customers because:
  • they are perfect for any product, primarily for second wrist watches;
  • they can be personalized with your digitally printed brand or show the characteristics of the product itself;
  • they are versatile and can be displayed in the internal and external showcase but are also counter price holders;
  • they allow you to change prices with the utmost simplicity to highlight costs, features but also take advantage of special moments, offers and promotions.

Price display

Our price display has been designed to be elegant and enhance the perception of your brand, but also to be practical and versatile.
Sisplayed with the watch holder from the Crono collection, it expresses all its potential and emphasizes to the maximum the unique characteristics of second-wrist watches.
Finally, changing prices has never been so simple, fast and economical.
In fact, our price displays allow you to modify the components of your price with complete peace of mind using the series Price tags Snap that allows you to compose and modify your prices in the basic silver-black writing version without having to replace the entire device.
Pubblicato il: 25 February 2024
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