Jewelry point of sale | How to use them in the better way

How to use the jewellery point of sale

14 April 2021

Crossing the threshold of a luxury shop like a jewelry store is not always easy, especially if the customer is looking for a small jewel, something simple with a low cost. The refined atmosphere, the elegant setting, the important and expensive products; are factors that can put some …

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Customized jewelry display stand | Theca astucci

How to set up a jewelry window in 7 steps

16 February 2021

How to make a store window The window is the jeweler's business card. it must capture the customer's attention, create emotion and expectation, invite him to enter the store to find out more. Therefore, maximum attention, the right time and commitment must be dedicated to the …

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Jewlery Furniture | The choice of furniture for jewelry

The furniture of the jewelry and the choice of display

14 February 2021

Crossing the entrance of a jewelry shop is like entering a world of its own, capable of transmitting the wonder and magic of the best fairy tales.   Jewelry furniture, a choice of style Although united by charm and elegance, each jewelry tells its unique and inimitable story. …

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