How do you a showcase jewelry in 7 steps

How do you a showcase jewelry in 7 steps

How to make a store window

The window is the jeweler's business card. it must capture the customer's attention, create emotion and expectation, invite him to enter the store to find out more. Therefore, maximum attention, the right time and commitment must be dedicated to the jewelry displays case to make it attractive. A well-made, tidy and bright jewelry display cases, set up in an original and captivating way, achieves its goal because it amazes the passer-by, intrigues him and attracts his attention and we at Theca know it well.
On the other hand, there are situations whose incorrect set-ups have the effect of alienating the customer, because:
  • - a disorderly shop window communicates neglect;
  • - a half-empty window transmits a message of a limited product range even within the store;
  • - a too crowded and messy window, on the contrary, disturbs the viewer because it makes it difficult to appreciate the individual products, to focus on their characteristics and price.
Here are some useful tips on how to make jewelry shop windows so they can't go unnoticed.
1 - Harmony and sobriety
The showcase must be orderly and coherent. Each macro-category of product must have its own defined and well-defined space so that the eye immediately finds the world that the customer is looking for: then divide the man from the woman, create the area of the mini jewelry stands and that of the products more demanding, aggregating the collections and playing on the heights to create a dynamic display on several levels, alternating in a harmonious way jewellery stands for necklaces with other types of jewelry displays, such as bracelets, rings and earrings.
2 - The leading products
The displaying jewellery must take into account the fact that the leading products, or those on which you want to focus the customer's attention, must be positioned in the center of the display case at eye level, approximately 1.5 meters in height. Complete the exposition bearing in mind that the attention of the beholder will tend to move from the center to the right and only then to the left.
3 - Quality, not quantity
The setting up of jewelry showcases is one of those situations in which it is appropriate to pay attention to quality rather than quantity of jewelry display holders. The window must be a strategic taste of the commercial offer available within the store. You must therefore select your iconic and most explanatory products without exceeding in quantity to entice the customer to cross the threshold of your store. Therefore always considering the correct balance between necklace display standearring display stands and ring jewelry display
4 - Watch out for the lights
Proper lighting with well-directed light points is a strategic point of attention when setting up the window. It is not necessary to go too far with the spotlights, rather identify the jewels you want to focus attention on and create a cone of light on them, taking care not to overlap the lights. Better to use spotlights with white light and not to direct the light downwards to avoid creating annoying shadows.
5 - Personalize your display
Choose the displays and jewelry display stand that highlight your collections most but at the same time blend with your brand and your coordinated image. You can choose from many colors, shapes and materials and you almost always have the opportunity to customize them with your logo. In fact, it is very important to sign your window and bring your brand to the customer's mind, with sobriety but with continuity. 
6 - Choose the theme 
Setting up a shop window following a specific theme is a great way to create an original, recognizable setting that is easier to remember. It is therefore good to plan a lineup of "topics" from which to be guided for the preparation of the whole year. Obviously, the most classic recurrences such as Easter and Christmas but also Valentine's Day, Father's Day and Mother's Day, Halloween and Women's Day must be foreseen. You can follow the 4 seasons but also choose to use a particular color or the theme of the sea in summer. As for the timing, especially for traditional anniversaries, it is very important that the window is set up at least 3 weeks before the event 
7 - Innovate to involve
To capture the attention of customers, it is essential to change the set-up often, at least once every 2-3 weeks. If the window is static it goes unnoticed more easily, while if those who pass in front of your store every day see different sets with renewed products, they will have the feeling of dynamic and engaging activity and will not fail to cross the threshold of the store at the right time.
GRIFFES Tag, neat showcase for jewelry with price tags

GRIFFES Tag, neat showcase for jewelry with price tags

The display units for jewelry collections of the Griffes tag series are ideal for presenting in an orderly manner rings, earrings and pendants belonging to the same line of mini jewelry.
The display consists of a base on which the supports for mini jewelery with boxed backs rest and made of shockproof opaline plexiglass on which the jewelry price tags that identify the individual items are inserted. In addition, all elements can be customized with the logo.
PANAMA, the essential point of sale

PANAMA, the essential point of sale

The Panama point of sale is designed to present your jewels with elegance and style. The structure, covered in PU, consists of a double base and 5 supports suitable for displaying necklaces, rings, bracelets and pendants.

The color printed panel acts as the back of the display and can be customized with a four-color printed image and logo.

BELLA, the simple and elegant display

BELLA, the simple and elegant display

The jewelery display from the Bella collection is linear and of great impact to display your products giving maximum evidence and prominence to each jewel.

Made with metal structures in satin brass color and soft microfiber inserts that softly welcome the products, it can be customized with the logo digitally printed on a metal plate.

The point of sale can be implemented with other elements of the same style chosen from the Bella display collection. and also with the classic Bella busts for necklace.

Pubblicato il: 16 February 2021