Jewelry pricing tags

The small jewelry tags are an indispensable tool for displaying your jewels and communicating directly and profitably with your customer because they allow you to immediately know the prices and characteristics of your jewels. These plastic or other material labels can make a real difference when conducting a sale. Choose the jewelry price tags that best suit your needs, better if they are personalized price tags, in our wide collection of personalized labels for jewelry you will find the:.

There are also price tags in an anti-tampering version to avoid any replacement or incorrect intervention on the products. These price tags are ideal for traditional in-store sales but also perfect for your online sale

Including in this collections the

both essential for selling with the jewelry display of collections Griffes tag and Griffes prestige collections.

One of the great advantages of our price tags is the possibility of applying the most common and widespread adhesive labels to the product in order to have all the information always updated but above all tidy and clearly legible.

Read our tutorial to find how to print adhesive labels with few simple steps.

Jewelry tags
Jewelry price tags

Plastic label tags


With the price tags you can immediately have the selling price of the products available to set up the jewelry window in an elegant way.

The price tags are accompanied by a repositionable adhesive label supplied on A4 sheets that can be easily printed with a laser or inkjet printer. They are also perfect for a beautiful display in your showcase combined with the supports for series jewelry collection Griffes tag or Milena Tag.


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Jewelry price tags

Jewelry tags


Price tags 28x13 mm

€ 0.36

Pack 200 pieces

€ 72.00 excluding VAT