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Wedding rings box set

Enhance your collection with the right wedding ring box set

It is no coincidence that the organization of a wedding manages to involve the spouses for weeks, often for entire months. The details are many and the guests are often many. Finding the location for the ceremony and reception, choosing the wedding dress, preparing the necessary documents, drawing up the guest list without forgetting anyone, defining the seats at the table and decorating the church by choosing music and flowers ... but the crucial moment always remains the choice of wedding rings, preferably presented in a jewelry roll that enhances the simple perfection.

Organizing the wedding of your dreams also means giving weight to the little things, those that no one else will ever notice, to things that really last a moment. The wedding of dreams is very subjective of course, but there is one thing that no marriage can do without. Whether it's a religious or civil ceremony, an intimate ceremony or with hundreds of guests, indoors or outdoors ... the wedding rings are the protagonists of any wedding ceremony.

The exchange of wedding rings is a gesture full of solemnity and one of the most intense moments of the event.

They are a symbol of esteem and trust, of love and respect. They have their own etiquette and follow very specific rules and traditions. They are worn for the first time during the ceremony and will remain on the left ring finger of the couple every day of their life.

For all these reasons, the choice of wedding rings is probably one of the most important moments in organizing a wedding and requires time, care and attention. A beautiful presentation using the right jewelry rolls or jewelry trays specially designed for wedding rings can make a real difference in the sale.

There are many models of wedding rings:
- from the classic ones to the more modern and original ones;
- always in precious material which can be yellow, white, pink or platinum gold;
- with different price alternatives to meet every need.

A neat and organized presentation with a beautiful jewelery collection box specifically designed for wedding rings allows you to highlight differences and similarities between the different models that are proposed to future spouses. In addition, the jewelery boxes dedicated to wedding rings allow you to keep your precious items carefully, protect them from scratches and falls and put them back in the safe with a simple gesture.

Discover all the models and their features in our online shop. Remarks: the wedding rings in the picture have only an explanatory function of the packaging method, they are not precious and are excluded from the product on sale.

Tartufone, the perfect wedding rings box ring bearers

Tartufone, the perfect wedding rings box ring bearers

Tartufone wedding rings is an elegant and practical collection box, perfect for presenting your wedding rings to your clients. It is also ideal for protecting them and storing them in the safe quickly and optimizing the available space.
Made with a shockproof polyester (HIPS) structure, it is covered externally with imitation leather and internally with imitation leather or flocked fabric. Available in the classic colors for wedding rings, it can also be customized with your logo in opaque digital printing.
Palladio, practical tray for wedding rings

Palladio, practical tray for wedding rings

The tray of the Palladio collection for wedding rings is perfect to present your wdding rings in a linear and orderly way. Made with a shockproof polyester structure (HIPS) it is conveniently stackable.
The exterior can be covered with plasticized paper or imitation leather while the interior is made of soft flocked fabric. Both internal-external coatings can be made in different colors to choose from within the proposed range.
Chloe wedding rings tray

Chloe wedding rings tray

The Chloe wedding rings trays are stackable and made with shockproof polyester (HIPS) structure. The outside can be wrapped with coated paper or PU while the inside is made of soft flocked fabric.


Both inside and outside wrappings can be made in different colors to choose from within the proposed range.

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