Wedding ring box: what you need for perfect wedding

Wedding ring box

Wedding rings: for future spouses an exclusive service

Since ancient times, a ring was used to seal an important moment or a special event and that is why everything that nowadays concerns wedding rings and marriage rings presentation boxes takes on such great value. Little has changed. Even today, the exchange of marriage rings is a gesture full of solemnity and one of the most intense moments of the rite of marriage, be it religious or civil.

Weddings rings are the perfect symbol of love: an endless circle made of a precious material such as gold inside which the names of the spouses and the wedding date are engraved. Let's find out a little more about the origins, traditions and etiquette of wedding rings as well as all the ring holder tools available.

History and curiosity

The word faith derives from the Latin Fidem and means trust, an absolutely appropriate term to be given to rings that symbolize marriage which presupposes a mutual exchange of trust, love and respect. Marriage bands have an ancient history. The barbarians exchanged rings as a sign of a promise of marriage and loyalty.

In Roman times, the wedding rings, which were called vinculum, were made of iron and were worn only by men even if they were soon allowed to wear them also by women.

During the Middle Ages, women wove their own hair around the ring and one of the future groom's around the ring, they kept it with them for 9 days at heart level before exchanging it on their wedding day.

Starting from the 16th century, the wedding ring takes on the appearance and meaning that we attribute to it today: the rings wedding are forged in yellow gold, which has always been a symbol of eternity for the Catholic religion and inside them they begin to be seen. the first engravings with the name of the couple and the wedding date. The habit of wearing wedding band rings every day after the wedding by both spouses began around the 11th century.


wedding ring

Because it is worn on the left ring finger

The tradition of wedding rings worn on the left ring finger has two possible origins. 

The first concerns the Catholic religion according to which the celebrant with the first three fingers of his left hand indicates "In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" and on the fourth finger, the blessed one, the ring is inserted.

The second dates back to the ancient Egyptians who were the first to discover the existence of a vein, called the "vein of love", which connects the ring finger directly to the heart.

Traditions and etiquette of wedding rings

There are traditions and a specific etiquette for marriage and wedding ring holders, unwritten rules that it is preferable to respect to make the wedding day absolutely perfect. In fact, tradition has it that the faiths:

  • they are chosen by mutual agreement between the spouses but that the groom (or a person very close to him) pays them are identical, of the same shape and the same color, demonstrating their mutual and equal commitment
  • are in yellow gold, which in the Christian tradition represents eternity, although wedding etiquette has been very modernized from this point of view and often the spouses opt for white gold or platinum
  • wearing a wedding ring before marriage brings bad luck; the only exception to the rule is the measurement of the ring in jewelry
  • are carefully guarded by one of the groom's witnesses until the day of the wedding when he himself will carry the rings up to the altar on a wedding ring pillow; sometimes the people in charge are two children, preferably a boy and a girl
  • are carried to the altar on soft wedding ring cushions which must be of the same fabric and color as the bride's dress
  • contain an engraving inside, which shows the names of the spouses and the date of the wedding. The spouses can also decide to engrave a love dedication or a small sentence meaningful for both of them on the wedding rings (obviously remembering that the space available is limited).

Original ring holders: a complete range

Classic, modern and original mens wedding rings for women, in yellow, white, pink or platinum gold ... whatever the bride and groom's choice, the added value of the wedding ring box will always be essential to make the most beautiful day of their life perfect! The box will contain the wedding rings until the date of the wedding and will forever remain a reminder of such a special moment, especially if it is personalized just for the bride and groom, exactly as it happens for the wedding rings.
In fact, thanks to the possibility that we offer to purchase even a single piece, the bride and groom will be able to enjoy something unique and exclusive: their personal case, with their names and the wedding date. If they wish, also with an image, a dedication or a special phrase that can be printed more easily on the box than on the wedding rings themselves.
The wedding rings box in our range are available in the online store in different shapes, colors and materials; with removable inner cushion of classic or heart shape; customized with hot stamping or color printing. The range of references dedicated to Wedding rings accessories is very wide. Displays, cases, rolls and trays ... everything that can be used by a jewelry shop to best present the wedding rings in the window, preserve and protect them, propose them to future spouses during the sale phase and finally deliver them to your customer in a splendid case.
All products can be customized with the jewelry logo and you can also buy the single personalized case with the date and the name of the couple.
Note: the wedding rings in the picture have only an explanatory function of the packaging method, they are not precious and are excluded from the product on sale.
FRANCESINA wedding rings box

FRANCESINA wedding rings box

The collection Francesina is made of wedding rings box and gift bags, with insert made with flocked fabric and satin. Customizable with your logo by hot printing on shopper or inside box liner.

Corallo, timeless wedding ring presentation box

Corallo, timeless wedding ring presentation box

Elegant Wedding rings box in classic and timeless colors, Corallo is perfect for your wedding rings. It is covered in imitation leather on the outside while the removable ring holder cushion in enveloping microfiber.

Customizable with an image of your choice on the top of the lid and with a logo or dedication hot-stamped on the inside or outside of the box.

Marilyn, presentation box with cushion for wedding rings

Marilyn, presentation box with cushion for wedding rings

Marilyn, elegant wedding rings box covered in white coated paper with gold-colored hot stamping decorations. The inside of the wedding rings box contains a refined white wedding rings cushion equipped with two satin ribbons ideal for supporting the wedding rings even during the ceremony. The Wedding rings cushion is also available separately.

The wedding rings box can be customized on the inside with your hot-stamped logo or with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding.


Forever, a love of wedding ring box

Forever, a love of wedding ring box

Forever is an elegant heart-shaped Wedding rings box. Made of matt effect coated paper and white leatherette with a thin profile on the edge that highlights and embellishes the heart shape.

The inside wedding rings cushion can be customized with your logo with a matte digital print; it is also easily removable to be used as an exhibition base during the ceremony. The box can also be customized by printing the logo on the top of the lid.
Wedding ring cushion

Wedding ring cushion

A lovely wedding ring pillow made of soft satin. embellished with two roses and satin ribbons to tie the wedding rings.

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