Wedding rings box

Classic, modern and original wedding rings, in yellow, white, pink or platinum gold ... whatever the choice of the couple, the added value of the wedding ring boxes will always be essential to make the most beautiful day of their life perfect! The wedding ring box will contain the wedding rings until the date of the wedding and will forever remain a reminder of such a special moment, especially if it is personalized for the bride and groom, exactly as it happens for the wedding rings.

In fact, thanks to the possibility that we offer to buy only one piece of the wedding ring cushions collection, the spouses will be able to enjoy something unique and exclusive: their personal case, with their names and the wedding date. If they wish, also with an image, a dedication or a special phrase that can be printed more easily on the box than on the wedding rings themselves.

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The main models of boxes for wedding rings with pillows for wedding rings are:

All ring box wedding can be customized with the jewelry logo and you can also buy the single personalized case with the date of ceremony and name of the couple.

Wedding ring boxes
wedding ring cushion

Wedding ring pillow


Elegant wedding ring pillow made with soft satin and ribbons. In the collection there are special wedding ring cushions because they are packaged in customizable wedding ring boxes. 

The ribbons of these ring holder cushions are knotted to the wedding rings and together with the rear satin band of the large wedding ring holder cushion, they facilitate the wearer of the rings to the altar so as to avoid the fall of the ring holder pad and the bruising of the wedding rings.

Each model of original wedding ring holders comes with a box that can be personalized with hot stamping, and allows you to develop a thousand personalized ring holder ideas. Buy the wedding ring pillow online even in single quantities and personalize the gift box with the name of the couple. The personalized wedding ring pads with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding remain a unique and special memory that will remain forever in the memory of the most beautiful day. The wedding rings in the picture are not precious and are not included in the sale of the original wedding ring cushions.

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wedding ring cushion

Wedding ring boxes


Wedding ring cushion 140x105x30 white

€ 15.90

Pack 10 pieces

€ 159.00 excluding VAT

Wedding rings cushion 95x95x20 white

€ 7.90

Pack 10 pieces

€ 79.00 excluding VAT