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We care very much about the relationship of trust with our customers, therefore correctness and transparency are fundamental values for us.

It may happen that you have a curiosity or a need to be able to proceed correctly with your order, or need an answer in the evening or on a public holiday. You may need to better understand the measurements of a product or the management of a cliché, want to customize with your logo and not be sure of the type of printing, the cost or how to send the file, you don't know exactly how to use a discount coupon, etc...

To give a clear, immediate and punctual answer to all the most frequent questions we have received over the years, we have decided to put everything in black and white, obviously digitally, in the FAQ present in the menu on the home page, just before the online shopping cart.

At any time of any day you will find questions and answers in a sequential order:

  • account (password creation and recovery)
  • orders (samples, minimum order, wish list, order verification)
  • discounts and offers
  • customization (logo, cliché, multiple prints, costs)
  • technical specifications with size legend
  • payments
  • shipments (times, costs, tracking and returns)

Simple and immediate in both graphics and content: search for your question and find our answer.

If you don't find what you're looking for in our F A Q because no one has ever asked before you...let us know by email, whatsapp or phone,

And if you're passing by Valenza Po or Alessandria and want to visit us, we're always happy to welcome you to our showroom even on short - but necessary - notice.


FAQ: All You Need To Know


Creating a new account is very simple, just follow these steps:

  • go to the top part of the site's home page (black writing on a white background)
  • click on the icon with the person symbol (between newsletter subscription and favorite heart)
  • select REGISTER and enter the required data
  • save (note the email and password for future access)
How to create a new account on THECA astucci website?

From any page of THECA astucci click on the MAN icon and then click on PASSWORd recovery, write the email you use to access and you will receive a link to recover your access password.

How can I recover the forgotten password?

Sure, You can also purchase all our products as a natural person, just enter your personal tax code.


To search for the products of your interest on our site, you have 3 different possibilities, always starting from our Home page:

  • write in the search bar: selecting the category, in the drop-down menu, on the left on a gray background or typing directly in the search field on a white background
  • click on the icons under the THECA astucci logo, from which you can access the different categories
  • the writing ONLINE STORE which you will find in the first white band, immediately below the featured products
How do you search for articles on THECA astucci

Within our range of over 2,200 references you may come across an item that you want to buy later. These are the products to put on your wish list so you never lose sight of them and always have them highlighted whenever you access the online store. Adding products to My wishlist is very easy: You log in with your email credentials and password to access your account. You browse the online store and, when you find a product you are interested in adding to your wish list, click on the little heart next to the words BUY NOW

How to create a wish list?

To see the products you have added to your WISH LIST you must use your USER NAME and PASSWORD credentials, log in and then click on the little heart to the left of the cart at the top right

How to see the wish list?

first of all it is important because we have more than 2,000 items and you may lose track of a product you have seen while browsing our web pages, your WISH LIST allows you to find it immediately.

Furthermore, if weekly DISCOUNTS are activated and these include products in your WISH LIST you will be promptly notified as soon as you log in.

Why is it important to make a WISH LIST?

To see all your previous online orders, log in with your USERNAME and PASSWORD, then click on the MAN icon, the drop-down menu appears and click on ORDERS. you will find the complete list of your online orders that you have made since the first time you signed up on THECA astucci.

How to see the previous orders?

There is no requirement of quantities needed to be ordered in order for your order to be processed. However, it is essential to respect the packaging indicated for each model: the item "packs of xxx" is shown both in the product preview (under the price) and when choosing the number of pieces to order (above the quantity selection field)

Is there a minimum order quantity

When you have placed all the references you have chosen to order in your trolley, you will simply have to click on CONFIRM ORDER and you will be directed to the PAYMENTS section to complete the order procedure

The THECA astucci QR Code can be used to easily read information from any barcode-enabled device. This means that you can scan a QR Code that you find on our ecological packaging with a smartphone and use it to make purchases on our online store reordering the same item with a simple gesture that saves time and eliminates the risk of error.

What is the QR code for?

Yes, for almost all models you can also buy 1 single piece which will be regularly added to the cart, ordered and paid for. The cost of the sample will be discounted from any subsequent order of multiple quantities of that code.

In our headquarters in Alessandria we have a dedicated showroom of 200 square meters in which all of our more than 2,200 references are displayed.

You can come and visit us to touch the products and see them in person; all you have to do is contact us via email, telephone or whatsapp and agree on the date of your visit.

Can I see all the products before buying


Here is the difference between the two promotional categories:

  • DISCOUNT are the promotional initiatives at DISCOUNTED PRICE on standard products that are published every week with our NEWSLETTER sent to all registered users.
  • SALE are the products on sale at a very discounted price and available while stocks last. The reasons for the discount are caused by the periodic renewal of the collections that replace the previous ones, or products that are always functional but with outdated characteristics. Sometimes they have some small defects that are clearly indicated.
What is the difference between DICOUNT and SALE?

Every week we send our newsletter to all subscribers with updates on new products and the DISCOUNT OF THE WEEK. To be updated you just have to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER.

Subscribing to our NEWSLETTER to always be updated on new products, advice on use and DISCOUNTS OF THE WEEK is very simple, from any page of THECA astucci click on SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER, then:

  • enter a name and surname of reference in your company
  • write your email
  • you consent to the processing of your data for commercial purposes

After these steps you will be updated every week with our initiatives.

IMPORTANT: THECA astucci does not transfer your sensitive data to third parties, they will be used only for sending our commercial proposals.

How can I subscribe to the NEWSLETTER?


Almost all of our products can be customized with your logo and each model carries exactly the reference indications. For products on which the logo cannot be printed, you will not find the indications for choosing the print colour.

The prices indicated in the online shop for each reference include the printing charge of one personalisation.

All products for which it is possible to make multiple prints report the indication directly and explicitly in the model sheet.

Of course you can purchase all the printing equipment or clichés from this product category of the online store: PRINTING TOOLINGS.


The cases are measured in millimeters (mm) indicating the measurements of according to the following sequence:


Width x Depth x Height

How are the boxes measured?

Jewellery shopping bags are measured in centimeters (cm) by indicating the measurements of according to the following sequence:


Width + Gusset x Height

How are the shoppers measured?


If you have a Discount Coupon you must enter it in the appropriate cell BEFORE CONFIRMING THE ORDER so that the discount can be applied to the amount before proceeding with the payment.

Failure to enter the coupon code prevents any discounts from being applied to the total amount. An example discount coupon could be:


always composed of letters and numbers.


Payment can be made using 4 secure payment methods:

  • Advance Bank draft
  • PayPal;
  • Credit card;
  • KLARNA circuit

IMPORTANT: THECA astucci DOES NOT store credit card data in its archives

How many payment types are there


As indicated in the order phase, delivery takes place on average in 4 weeks from order confirmation. In any case, if certain products require longer preparation times, the delivery time is always indicated for each reference.

Delivery time theca astucci

For orders without customization, i.e. without printing the logo, the delivery and shipping time is on average 50% faster than the standard delivery time indicated for each item. 2 weeks of delivery can be considered for all products available in stock. An exception is made for special tailor-made products for which the delivery time does not change.

The indication you find for each item in the online store and in your cart under the word Delivery can be:

Attention - BACK ORDER - You will be notify as soon as available

This means the item you ordered is not currently available for standard delivery, normally 4 weeks or less, but will be queued as soon as it becomes available. If you choose to order it you will be among the first to receive it as soon as it becomes available from production.

What does BACK-ORDER mean

Our goods can be shipped all over the world, Domestic shipments and throughout the European Community travel with the BRT courier, for all other Countries with the DHL courier.

What courier does THECA astucci for shipment?

The cost of the shipment depends on these elements:

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Destination

At the end of the order you will find the shipping cost calculated automatically on the order confirmation, , generally represents 10% of the order amount.

When the order is shipped, a tracking number is generated which will be sent to you via email or SMS so that you can track it on the courier's website.

How can I track my shipment?

Non-compliant products can be returned in compliance with current legislation. They must be shipped in the original or similar packaging, correctly sealed, to ensure their integrity upon arrival at our office. Return shipping costs to be paid by the sender.

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