How to make original Wedding Ring boxes with newlyweds names

Wedding Ring boxes with newlyweds names

Wedding ring boxes, a complete range

Classic, modern and original wedding rings; in yellow, white, pink or platinum gold. Whatever the choice of the couple, the added value that the wedding ring box offers to this very important moment is essential to make the most beautiful day of their life perfect!

The box with the Wedding ring pillow will contain the rings until the wedding date, often by the best man. It will always remain a unique memory of such a special moment, especially if it is personalized specifically for the bride and groom.

Wedding rings boxes with the name of the Spouses

In fact, exactly as it happens for faiths, we offer the possibility of:

  1. also buy a wedding ring box and personalize it with the names of the newlyweds
  2. personalize it with the wedding date
  3. add a sentence
  4. print an image inside the wedding ring holder
  5. a dedication or a phrase that refers to moments of life that only they know

just like with the engraving in the rings, even more!

In this way the bride and groom will be able to enjoy a personal, unique and exclusive original wedding ring box, exactly as it happens with the engraving on the rings.

Original wedding ring boxes

All the original wedding ring boxes in our range are available in the online shop in different shapes, colors and materials. You can choose the interior with a removable classic or heart shaped wedding ring cushion. You can also customized with hot stamping or color printing.

With Theca everything is possible to make this day truly memorable!

Note: the wedding rings in the picture have only an explanatory function of the packaging method, they are not precious and are excluded from the product on sale.

Original wedding ring holder with fabric roses

Original wedding ring holder with fabric roses

Original Wedding ring box, preciously packaged with embossed paper on the outside and inside with two silk-effect fabric roses that enclose the wedding ring clips. Packaged with real box. You can customize it on the side of the box or on the gift box.

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Exposed wedding ring box

Exposed wedding ring box

Collection of made in glitter with flocked rubber interior and ring holder insert. The Wedding ring case includes an element that consists of two transparent PVC windows framed by a plastic profile.

The wedding rings enclosed between the two PVC films are stable, protected from impact and elegantly visible.

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Wooden wedding rings box

Wooden wedding rings box

Natural wooden wedding rings box with natural cotton insert. They can be customized with laser engraving on the outside of the case.

All the materials used and the customization technique are eco-sustainable, respecting nature.

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Weddinng rings box

Weddinng rings box

Classic and timeless but always original, because these Wedding rings box can be personalized with the names of the spouses, the wedding date or a phrase that recalls moments lived together.

The insert with coated inserts keeps the wedding rings in place in view.

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Pocket wedding rings holder

Pocket wedding rings holder

Box with very small sizes, like half of your smartphone!

Packaged with cardboard and wrappedin soft touch effect paper, it fits comfortably in your pocket, perfect for keeping your wedding rings on the occasion of the ceremony. The inside part of this Pocked wedding rings holder is made with a frame and transparent PVC membrane keeps the wedding rings visible. Customizable with digital printing on the outer packaging with date and names of the spouses.

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Special wedding rings box for a special day

The history of wedding rings is a long-standing history, with customs and traditions that vary over time but never change the basic meaning that this symbol represents: wedding ringsare an emblem of the mutual exchange of values ​​such as trust, love and respect.

The origins

The word "faith" comes from the Latin Fidem and literally means trust. The Barbarians exchanged rings as a sign of loyalty while in Roman times the wedding rings were not precious objects but made of iron and were initially worn only by men (however, they were soon allowed to wear them also to women). In the Middle Ages, women personalized the wedding rings by weaving their own hair and one of the future groom's around the ring and kept them at heart height for 9 days before exchanging them on the wedding day.
It was only from the sixteenth century that the wedding ring took on the appearance and meaning we attribute to it today: wedding rings are forged in yellow gold, which has always been a symbol of eternity for the Catholic religion and inside them are they begin to see the first engravings with the name of the couple and the wedding date. The habit of wearing wedding rings every day also arises, to represent the fact that a person is linked in marriage.
The tradition of wedding rings worn on the left ring finger dates back to the ancient Egyptians who were the first to discover the existence of a vein, called the "vein of love", which connects the ring finger directly to the heart.
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