Wedding ring pillow where to buy and who brings to the altar

Wedding ring pillow

History and value of the wedding ring pillows

The details to take care of when organizing a wedding are so many and all important, although some may not be decisive for the success of the event. This is not the case with the wedding ring cushion, a decisive but very often underestimated object.

The story of the original wedding ring cushion

The history of the ring holder is as ancient as it is fascinating.

It originates in the Anglo-Saxon tradition according to which the wedding ring cushion had to be:

  • produced with the fabric with which the wedding dress was sewn
  • white and soft 
  • made of a circular shape to recall the shape of the rings.

The wedding ring holder cushion was used to place the rings in an elevated position all the way up to the altar.
At the end of the ceremony, tradition had it that the wedding ring cushions were later kept by the spouses to be handed down to new generations as a symbol of continuity within the family.

Times have changed and this traditional accessory is no longer so rigorous in the choice of shape, fabric or even color. In fact, it is not always a classic wedding ring pad but it can also be a box or an object of any shape particularly loved by the spouses, perhaps because it evokes a special moment in their couple's life.

Where do you buy wedding ring cushions

Despite its ancient origins, the classic wedding ring cushion in soft white satin remains a timeless accessory and is still among the most popular even in contemporary weddings. A soft silk wedding ring cushion in immaculate tones is the most suitable for highlighting the wedding rings and the values ​​that these rings represent.

Wedding ring holders are typically sold in jewelry, whether it is the classic or particular ring holder cushions which have the characteristic of being able to be packaged in customized ring presentation boxes. The packaging thus becomes complete and the wedding cushion is kept clean and protected until the ceremony.

 Who brings the wedding rings to the altar

Tradition has it that to preserve the meaning of the rings, the most suitable figure to bearer the wedding rings to the altar is a child, a symbol of purity and sincerity. According to the etiquette, therefore, the page boy who enters before the bride, as soon as the wedding march begins, must carry the wedding rings and is responsible for bringing the cushion with the wedding rings directly to the altar of the bride and groom.

According to the religious wedding ceremony, however, the rings must be brought to the church by the best man.

In any case, always according to etiquette, it is the groom who first unties the ribbon that binds the ring to the cushion to put it on the left ring finger of the bride, who will repeat the gesture immediately after him.

Note: the wedding rings in the picture have only an explanatory function of the packaging method, they are not precious and are excluded from the product on sale.

Ring bearer pillows, classic evergreen

Ring bearer pillows, classic evergreen

Elegant wedding ring cushion made with soft satin and ribbons.

In the collection there are special wedding ring cushions because they are packaged in customizable wedding ring boxes.

The ribbons of these ring holder cushions are knotted to the wedding rings and together with the rear satin band of the large wedding ring holder cushion, they facilitate the wearer of the rings to the altar so as to avoid the fall of the ring holder pad and the bruising of the wedding rings.

Each model of wedding ring box can be customized with hot stamping.

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Forever, lovely wedding ring box

Forever, lovely wedding ring box

Forever is an elegant heart-shaped Wedding rings box. Made of matt effect coated paper and white leatherette with a thin profile on the edge that highlights and embellishes the heart shape.

The inside ring bearer cushion can be customized with your logo with a matte digital print; it is also easily removable to be used as an exhibition base during the ceremony. The box can also be customized by printing the logo on the top of the lid.
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Marilyn wedding rings box with PU cushion

Marilyn wedding rings box with PU cushion

Elegant case with wedding ring cushion covered in white coated paper with gold hot stamping decorations.
The inside of the wedding rings box contains a refined white wedding rings cushion equipped with two satin ribbons ideal for supporting the wedding rings even during the ceremony. The wedding rings cushion is also available separately.
It can be customized on the inside with your hot-stamped logo or with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding.
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Corallo with soft microfiber cushion

Corallo with soft microfiber cushion

Elegant Wedding rings box in classic and timeless colors, Corallo is perfect for your wedding rings. It is covered in imitation leather on the outside while the removable ring holder cushion in enveloping microfiber.

Customizable with an image of your choice on the top of the lid and with a logo or dedication hot-stamped on the inside or outside of the box.


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Just married with removable cushion

Just married with removable cushion

The wedding rings box of this collection is covered in matt paper.
The inner ring holder cushion is customizable with your logo with opaque digital printing, it is easily removable to be used as a display base during the ceremony.
The lid, customizable with your matt digital logo, can be used to sign your display in the window with a simple gesture, also facilitated by the presence of an engraving on the side of the insert to hide the price tag.
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Wedding rings cushion

Wedding rings cushion

Wedding rings cushion, made with shiny satin or embossed imitation leather. All items come with a couple of satin ribbon perfect to hold bridal rings. The size of wedding ring cushion are suitable to fit in our wedding ring box Marilyn collection.


Who gives the wedding rings?

The wedding rings are jewels with a particular meaning that will be worn for a lifetime, and obviously it is the bride and groom who choose them, but the etiquette wants the groom to give them. With increasing frequency, however, it is the witnesses who buy them and to whom a gift of equal value is generally given.

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