Production of presentation boxes and displays

Presentation box manufactures with over 2200 different products among which to find the best supplies for jewelers. On our website you will find a complete and organized online shop in a simple and intuitive way, ideal for buying boxes also (but not only) online.
The products are divided into categories that group similar features and functionalities so that you can find them very easily. In our online shop you can find:

THECA Astucci, with over 30 years of customer service experience, is the first choice for all your cases, displays and supplies for jewelers.

We have the largest selection of articles on the web with over thousands of different products among which you can find among others:

  • many types of jewelry boxes including ring boxes, necklaces boxes, bracelet boxes, earrings boxes, watch boxes and watch bags
  • shoppers for jewelery, cases and shoppers
  • jewelry display cabinets, jewelry displays, watch displays, necklace stands, shop window stands
  • jewelery rolls, travel jewelery rolls, jewelery couvettes, trays, truffles and drawers

and finally a wide range of accessories for sales and after-sales assistance, such as jewelry tags, repair bags.


Goccia presentation box for diamond blister 240x130x30

€ 7.90

Pack 20 pieces

€ 158.00 excluding VAT

Goccia presentation box for blister and gemological certificate 240x130x30

€ 8.90

Pack 20 pieces

€ 178.00 excluding VAT

Goccia presentation box for blister with anniversary tickets 240x130x30

€ 8.20

Pack 20 pieces

€ 164.00 excluding VAT

Goccia top presentation box with blister and gemological certificate 240x130x30

€ 14.00

Pack 20 pieces

€ 280.00 excluding VAT

Goccia top presentation box with blister and anniversary tickets 240x130x30

€ 13.70

Pack 20 pieces

€ 274.00 excluding VAT