Presentation jewellery boxes

Personalised jewelry box are a must for the packaging of a product that allows to emphasize the surprise and at the same time to highlight the value of the product as soon as the jewelry boxes open to reveal their contents.

Our jewellery boxes and boxes for necklaces are made with the utmost care and attention to detail, whether they are jewelery boxes or boxes for costume jewelry.

The jewelry gift boxes in this section are made with a rigid wooden or plastic structure covered with coated paper and have the characteristic of being resistant and lasting over time. They also include inexpensive jewelry boxes, costume jewelry boxes and online jewelry packaging to meet any of our customers' needs.

Our main collections of jewelry packaging are:

They can be personalized with engraved hot stamping with matt or metallic foil, optionally also with four-color digital printing. The jewelry boxes with your printed logo increase the perceived value of the jewel contained, they become designer jewelry boxes.

Personalised jewellery box
Jewelry box for pearls

Pearls jewellery box


Box of pearls perfect for donating a pearl bracelet, pearl ring or a pearl necklace. Perfect gifts for any event and anniversary. Classic and elegant, they are covered with metallic effect paper with a soft white microfiber interior or a vacuum base for the necklace. The pure white color of the interior brings out both the freshwater pearl and the fine sea pearls to enhance the cultured pearls. The vacuum inserts for pearls strand have a movable central shell to hold the necklace in place and hide the necklace clasp.

You can also customize moderate quantities according to your preferences with internal or external digital hot stamping. These jewelry boxes match perfectly with these Shopper series

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If you have any doubts or some details about this product are not clear to you, consult our FAQ.

Jewelry box for pearls

Premium presentation boxes


Pearls earrings box and ring 60x65x52 copper

€ 4.80

Pack 40 pieces

€ 192.00 excluding VAT

Pearls bangle box 100x100x35 copper

€ 6.50

Pack 20 pieces

€ 130.00 excluding VAT

Pearls strand box 165x165x40 copper

€ 9.60

Pack 20 pieces

€ 192.00 excluding VAT

Pearls bracelet box 220x55x22 copper

€ 6.60

Pack 20 pieces

€ 132.00 excluding VAT