Box with dedication for Engagement, Wedding and Anniversary

In this category you can find some references that are regularly present in our standard offer but which have the particularity of being able to be individually customized with an inscription, names, an important date. They thus become unique and exclusive products, perfect for giving real added value to:

these customized presentation boxes are perfect to give a real added value such as wedding rings, engagement rings, as well as all those precious ones such as the solitaire ring, or other jewels that are given as gifts to celebrate Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation, Graduation or 18th birthday , or an important anniversary.

What does a dedication mean?

A dedication is a message of affection and admiration that is written on a book, poem, song or jewel with the intention of showing affection or respect for someone. A dedication can be a simple phrase like "To my sister," or it can include multiple words of affection like "To my sister, with love and gratitude." In addition, it may contain significant quotes and references to the person to whom it is addressed. In conclusion, dedications are messages of affection that are sent by the donor to the recipient to show their love and appreciation.

A dedication can be written on a book, a photo album, a postcard but also on a presentation box that contains a precious jewel.

Dedicate meaning

The meaning of a dedication is also something truly exclusive. It can be something classic and simple, such as the name of the birthday boy or the bride and groom and the date of the event. But you can also choose to sign a case with a quote, an evocative phrase or a special meaning dedication; a memory, a moment, an emotion that only those who give and those who receive can understand.

Box with dedication

Customized wedding ring box


The exchange of wedding rings is one of the most intense, solemn and exciting moments of the marriage rite, be it religious or civil. For this reason, the choice of wedding rings is very important in the event organization, just as it is important to carefully choose the wedding ring presentation box that contains and enhances them.


Choose the presentation box model you prefer and make it unique by personalizing it with the names of the newlyweds and the wedding date.

The wedding rings in the photo are not precious and are not included in the sale.


Presentation boxes


Pocket fedi wedding ring box with gift bag 74x74x18 white

€ 10.00

excluding VAT

Forever wedding ring box 90x90x50 white / gold

€ 24.00

excluding VAT

Marilyn wedding ring box 110x110x64

€ 24.00

excluding VAT

Wedding bands holder 107x9047 powder

€ 27.50

excluding VAT

Gemma wedding ring box 70x70x27 white

€ 22.25

excluding VAT

Just married wedding ring box 100x100x60 white

€ 25.00

excluding VAT

Francesina wedding ring box with gift bag 75x64x46 white

€ 19.00

excluding VAT

Sposa wedding ring box 70x50x90 white

€ 31.80

excluding VAT