Shopping bag with closure, practical and elegant

Shopping bag with closure, practical and elegant

The most practical smal jewellery gift bags with closure

In a jewelry store there are no marginal details and any choice must be made with the utmost care and attention, starting with personalized gift bag. The packaging in jewelry is in fact a fundamental element and customized gift bags must be chosen in the name of quality and in perfect consistency with the characteristics and image of the brand.
The choice of the personalized bag is a strategic factor as well as an important marketing tool because it is as valid as a permanent advertisement.
The gift bags for jewellery customized with your logo are in fact the object with which the customer leaves your jewelry store and starts moving around the city, shopping and meeting people. The quality of paper bags is also very important and it is always good to choose an elegant and resistant material for your bags, paying particular attention to strength and ease of use. This way, you have a very good chance that your shopper bags will be reused many times, on large and small occasions… and your name will travel with them around the city. Personalized shopping bags are also the first thing the gift addressee sees. They are the ones who trigger the surprise and emotion because the paper bag are actually a gift that contains the gift. The customizable bags can have many shapes: simple or original, classic or creative, with neutral colors or characterized and trendy. 
Whatever the choice, it is starting from the customizable gift bag that whoever receives the gift begins to dream!
Sometimes, however, we are so happy and proud of our purchase that we would like to show it to a loved one before giving it to the final addressee. Therefore, the classic, elegant and high-quality packaging does not really come to meet us because in an instant, in an attempt to open the beautiful packaging made with a lot of gift paper, ribbon and label, we risk ruining the paper and leaving a mark of our clumsy attempt. However, there white paper bags solve this problem perfectly because they fall into the category: Apri e Chiudi gift bag that is, we can reopen these small jewellery gift bags whenever we want without wasting them. Packaging takes place quickly with a few simple gestures and are also very useful for those presentation boxes with particular shapes or dimensions so small as to put even the most skilled packager in difficulty.
Scuro Shopper Box

Scuro Shopper Box, the jewelry paper bag that becomes a box

Scuro Shopper Box collection are paper bags that become bags or boxes.

A single product, many garments and personalities.

This particular jewelry gift bag has the characteristic of being able to close on both sides with a simple gesture, taking the shape of a perfectly closed and safe parallelepiped. Equipped with two practical cotton handles that complete its aesthetics, it can be customized in color and with your logo hot printed.

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Gift bags with closure

Paper bags with closure

The white paper bags of the Gift bags with closure collection are made with glossy coated paper and polypropylene handles.

The paper bags with closure packaging system allows you to check the contents without damaging the closure whenever you want.

They adapt perfectly to the packaging of presentation boxes for jewellery and can be customized with hot printing.


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