Jewelry sundries and gloves

There are small accessories that prove indispensable in jewelry and make a difference in your daily work.

Such as the following:

Jewelry sundries and gloves
Robusta corrugated postal box

Guide to Postal Shipping Boxes: Dimensions and Materials


When it comes to shipping a package, choosing the right box is essential, both to protect the contents and to optimize shipping costs. But what are the options available and how do you select the most suitable one? Postal shipping boxes offer a variety of solutions, from small and lightweight cartons to more robust and capacious ones, designed for every type of need. The first step is to consider the weight and dimensions of the object to be sent, taking into account that Poste Italiane has specific limitations on the maximum dimensions accepted. For example, the classic postal box, perfect for medium and small items, is often the most economical choice thanks to the discounted rates based on its standard measurements.

Keeping in mind terms such as "cost of post boxes" or "size of post boxes", we must also reflect on the quality of the material: a good post box should be resistant to tearing and humidity, ensuring that the contents arrive at their destination intact. The use of postal shipping cartons made with double corrugation, for example, can make the difference in terms of protection and solidity. No less important is the attention to environmental impact: choosing packaging boxes made of recycled or recyclable materials contributes to respecting the environment without compromising the safety of the package.

Efficiency in the packaging process begins with an informed choice; Knowing the available options - including parcels for postal shipments, Italian Post Office packaging boxes, and the related costs of Italian Post Office boxes - allows you not only to save on costs but also to better insure your shipment. Therefore, before going to the post office or purchasing your postal boxes online,

Sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes for online jewelry sales. They are completely anonymous on the outside and guarantee safety when shipping your jewelry sold online. The inside flap can be customized with your logo.

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Robusta corrugated postal box

Jewelry sundries and gloves


Robusta corrugated postal box 150x120x50mm

€ 0.98

Pack 5 pieces

€ 4.90 excluding VAT

Robusta corrugated postal box 200x140x80mm

€ 1.20

Pack 5 pieces

€ 6.00 excluding VAT

Robusta corrugated postal box 230x230x80mm

€ 1.55

Pack 5 pieces

€ 7.75 excluding VAT

Robusta corrugated postal box 350x250x100 mm

€ 1.85

Pack 5 pieces

€ 9.25 excluding VAT

Robusta corrugated postal box 225x225x75mm

€ 3.15

Pack 20 pieces

€ 63.00 excluding VAT