Embossed adhesive stickers

Embossed stickers are the perfect solution to add a touch of originality and personality to your objects. Whether decorating a presentation boxes, jewelry display, or even a wine bottle, embossed stickers can transform any item into something special.

One of the most interesting aspects of embossed stickers is their texture. Thanks to their three-dimensional texture, these stickers not only attract visual attention, but also the sense of touch. The tactile sensation you feel when touching a relief sticker is truly unique and can make the object on which it is applied even more interesting and captivating.

But that is not all! Embossed stickers are also very versatile and can be made in a variety of materials and finishes. You can choose from plastic, vinyl, metal or even rubber stickers. Furthermore, you can opt for a glossy or matte finish, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Another important feature of embossed stickers is their durability over time. Thanks to their resistance to atmospheric agents and their ability to adhere firmly to surfaces, such as matt or glossy paper and even micro fibre, these stickers will remain intact even after years of use. So you can be sure that your object decorated with an embossed sticker will retain its original appearance over time.

Embossed stickers are also very easy to apply. Simply remove the protective film and place the sticker on the desired surface. Once applied, the adhesive will adapt perfectly to the shape of the object, thanks to its flexibility. Plus, if you need to remove the sticker in the future, you'll be able to do so without leaving residue or damaging the surface underneath.

Finally, embossed stickers offer a wide range of customization possibilities. You can create your own unique design or choose from a wide range of pre-made templates. Additionally, you can also customize the sizes and colors of the stickers to meet your specific needs.

Embossed adhesive stickers
Embossed metallic adhesive stickers

Metallic stickers

Metallic stickers have become very popular in recent years due to their versatility and their ability to give a touch of class to any object.

But what exactly are embossed stickers? They are adhesives with a metal base that stick permanently to smooth surfaces, such as plain paper, laminated paper or microfibre with a fine shaving.

Embossed adhesive labels are the ideal personalization with jewelery boxes. Their ideal position is on the outside of the lid as seen in the photos. Nothing prevents you from using the embossed stickers for internal customisation.

If you decide to use metallic stickers, we can provide the application or you can do it yourself by following these instructions:

How are embossed stickers applied? It's very simple! Simply remove the logo film from the protective paper base, you can press with a finger if some letters do not come off. Once the embossed label has been removed, place it on the surface you want to personalize and press lightly on the surface. At this point, gently remove the transparent film... and you're done!

Embossed metallic adhesive stickers

Embossed adhesive stickers


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