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Artificial intelligence and logistics Theca astucci, interview with Yossaf Chakour

We have chosen to explore the topic of Artificial Intelligence by interviewing our collaborator Yossaf Chakour, in charge of Theca logistics and warehouse management as well as a passionate connoisseur of technology.

Artificial Intelligence, the most topical and discussed topic of the moment, but not always understood by the majority. Can you tell us about it in simple words so that it is understandable even to those who are not tech savvy?

Artificial intelligence, also called AI, is a technology that allows machines to learn from data and perform operations that would normally require human intervention. In other words, the AI ​​system tries to mimic human intelligence through the use of algorithms and machine learning techniques.
There are several learning techniques that can be used to train an AI, but broadly they can be divided into three main categories that are useful to AI technology:
  • supervised learning
the AI ​​is given a set of pre-coded data to learn to recognize patterns and relationships - for example, a photo of a dog labeled "dog" and a cat labeled "cat" are provided
  •  unsupervised learning
the AI ​​receives only raw data and tries to discover the patterns and relationships between data on its own without any human guidance
  • reinforcement learning
the AI ​​learns by trial and error - for example, during a game of chess it receives a reward for every right move and a punishment for every wrong move.
Furthermore, in artificial intelligence, semantics (i.e. the relationship between language and meaning) is fundamental since the algorithms and machine learning models used to create artificial intelligences must be able to understand the meaning of human language in order to interact with users.

You recently participated in AiWeek, a very successful event on the theme of artificial intelligence. What was your feeling?

Theca astucci proves once again to be an avant-garde Company and attentive to the professional training of its collaborators to guarantee its customers continuous support and a better service.
The AI Week 2023 , which took place in Rimini from 17 to 21 April, was probably the largest and most attended Italian event dedicated to artificial intelligence. Record numbers, over 150 prominent national and international speakers, many topics and insights covered. For me, participating was not only a great opportunity but above all a highly educational moment.
Among the many speaches, one area in particular struck my interest and sensitivity: the application of AI in the medical field.
Without forgetting that these technologies are still in the development and experimentation phase, they still have to be validated and will have to be integrated with other clinical and diagnostic data and tools, it fascinates me to know that there are several ongoing researches and studies that are focusing on the use of artificial intelligence for diagnosing diseases through the patient's voice.
In particular, the human voice has been shown to provide important clues about a person's overall health, including signs of respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, and more. Thanks to natural language processing (NLP) and speech analysis, AI algorithms can analyze the patient's voice and detect any anomalies that could indicate a disease or disorder that needs to be investigated.

How does artificial intelligence find application in a business context?

For us at Theca astucci, the customer always has priority. Our commitment is always aimed at knowing, understanding and applying everything that the market offers us to improve from all points of view:
  • expand the product range, with great attention to detail and customization of even a single piece
  • always offer the best possible value for money
  • purchase new tools and production technologies to reduce the minimum order quantities on many references
  • optimize the service to improve customer management and reduce delivery times.
Thanks to our organizational skills and with the support of artificial intelligence, we have managed to rationalize and optimize our warehouse. In this way we obtained several advantages:
  • saving space,
  • smoother handling,
  • faster processing,
  • reduction of the risk of errors
We are also already working on the application of AI to improve customer assistance and the use of Blog articles, but for the moment I can't say anything else!
What I can say is that Theca astucci's philosophy aims to take full advantage of all the opportunities that modern technology offers us with the aim of leaving more space and time for all those quality operations that only the human mind, with intuition and creativity, is able to do!
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