Packaging eco friendly: harmony and awareness

The customer choice is based on eco-sustainable packaging

Circular economy, eco friendly packaging, environmentally friendly packaging: these are all terms that have entered forcefully and by right into the daily lexicon and to which it is appropriate to pay the utmost attention. The problem of environmental pollution and waste disposal is increasingly discussed and current and has awakened environmental awareness in companies, large and small, driven above all by consumers. In fact, it is the latter who increasingly require that everything that is produced has a minimum environmental impact and substantially contributes to a real green economic turnaround, to an all-round green packaging.

Environment friendly packaging if inspired by the principles of the Circular Economy, or an economic system that aims to reuse the various materials in subsequent production cycles, promoting recycling and minimizing the impact on the environment by reducing waste. In this logic, even the packaging must be studied and made with eco-sustainable materials so that they can be reused and recycled several times.

In the circular economy, sustainable packaging plays a fundamental role or rather, it has a double role. On the one hand, it responds to the original need to protect products from shocks, bad weather and theft during transport with the awareness that in reality the box has become a real strategic marketing tool aimed at communicating value and information on the brand and product. Read more The presentation box as a strategic factor in the shopping experience

On the other hand, it is defined as "the worst enemy" of the environment and the reason is easily understood: some packaging is destined to become waste immediately after use. Eco friendly packaging materials is today a decisive driver in influencing consumers' purchasing choices. In fact, it is estimated that for 41% of consumers, packaging is a fundamental element to pay attention to when evaluating a brand, its values ​​and its reputation on the market. For this reason, manufacturing companies are committed and investing more and more to study innovative solutions that can reduce the use of plastic and all polluting, toxic and non-recyclable materials.

If until a few years ago potential customers did not pay too much attention to the packaging of their purchases, now the sense of responsibility and awareness has grown exponentially. It is not a trend or a fashion, but a need felt by many people who are willing to buy (or at least reward) eco-sustainable, ethical and at the same time economically accessible products. Consumers feel the need to safeguard the planet and use products with low environmental impact, they reward companies that commit themselves to this and penalize those that do not make an effort to study innovative solutions capable of protecting the well-being of the planet.

It is no coincidence that ESSELUNGA has announced that by 2025 all its packaging will be environmentally friendly and will derive from renewable, recycled or certified resources. At THECA we are absolutely aware of the need to commit ourselves in a concrete way to eco-sustainability and we give our contribution with great and small attention.

Two examples for all:

1) All the packaging we use to deliver orders to our customers is designed to be as recycled packaging materials as possible and to facilitate disposal at the end of use: cardboard packaging, paper adhesive tape and biodegradable material as an internal filler to protect the products

2) The launch of the brand new eco packaging boxes Natural made WITHOUT
- solvents
- plastic
- Nickel
- paint
- printing inks
- polypropylene tapes

but WITH
- natural wood
- recycled paper
- ecological twine
- pure cotton
- branded printing

All recyclable and sustainable!

Natural Bio | biodegradable eco friendly presentation box

Natural Bio the only collection of fully BIODEGRADABLE BOXES, so much so that it is disposed of in the simple commonly used paper containers. The shell is made of 100% biodegradable cellulose pulp, in the same way the soft removable inserts with multiple cuts are biodegradable to hold the jewels in place correctly. The package is completed with an ecological paper shopper.

The customization can be done with digital printing on the outside of the box or with hot stamping on the shopper.


Natural wood eco friendly packaging, without glue or nickel

Natural Wood are the quintessence of sustainable packaging. Made of untreated fir wood, they are assembled without the use of solvent-based glues. The case is totally nickel-free thanks to the choice of avoiding the closing hinges but to resort to a simple panel with sliding slide kept in its seat with natural hemp twine.
The case is available in 3 different sizes and can finally be customized with external printing on wood.

Natural box, the most cheaper eco packaging for jewelry

The Natural Box presentation boxes are the entry level version of the wider Natural collection and represent the perfect balance between price and eco-sustainability.
They are made entirely of 100% recycled cardboard, both in the structure and in the external and internal lining. The interior is completed with a 100% wool felt die-cut insert supported by a recycled paper riser and can be equipped with the Natural Bag.
They are also customizable with your logo printed on the outside.

Pounch bag in pure natural cotton

Pure Natural pouch available in 3 different sizes to contain your jewels according to the canons of functional and eco-friendly packaging. Packaged with natural hemp twine, it can be customized with your logo print.

Natural display in customized silver fir wood

The Natural point of sale fully expresses the desire to present your jewelry in harmony with the search for eco-sustainable materials. Made of white fir with a raw finish, it is perfect for proposing all types of jewelery in a dynamic game of heights and volumes created thanks to the 16 different elements that compose it.
The two display bases can also be customized with your digitally printed logo.

Natural Shopper, 100% made with recycled packaging materials

The Natrual gift bag stands out for its eco-friendly and sustainable features. Sturdy and capacious, it is made of ecological paper with a weight of 200 g / m2 and available in 2 different sizes.

Totally plastic-free and 100% recyclable, the shopper is completed with two practical natural hemp handles and can be customized with your logo hot-stamped on one or both sides.

Natural Bag, the practical multipurpose bag

The Natural tote bag is a practical shopper made of natural cotton and equipped with comfortable handles that can be worn over the shoulder. The side gusset makes it particularly roomy and the internal space is organized with two small functional pockets to contain the most commonly used objects such as keys, coins and mobile phones.

The shopper can also be customized with your logo printed on one side only.

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