Gift bags and boxes

The collections consist of Jewelry boxes matching with its gift bags are the winning combination to quickly and elegantly pack your jewels. The entire collection is made up of many versions, the most complete solution of the astuccishop is the Diamante which also includes the closure ribbon, then elegant Black Magic versions that interpret the color Black. The simplest collections of Presentaion boxes with gift bags collections Fiocco with the bow already done on the lid. Then the very practical Vanity collections and still a themed astuccishop version called Bimbi. A particular ecological care is realized with the best eco friendly packaging Natural Bio collection. Last but not least the most elegant presentation box with gift bags the Milano collections. Most of them are a very best choice for cheap jewelry boxes.

Natural bio

Eco friendly boxes


Natural Bio is the first collection of completely BIODEGRADABLE BOXES, so that it can be disposed of in the classic paper containers.

The structure is made of 100% biodegradable cellulose pulp, in the same way the soft movable inserts are 100%  biodegradable and are finished with multiple cuts to hold the jewels in place correctly. The package is completed with a coordinated gift bag made of ecological paper. 

The customization can be done with digital printing on the outside of the presentation box or with blind embossing printing on the gift bag.


Packaging sustainability is important. Learn more about the topic on our BLOG  Packaging eco friendly: harmony and awareness

Natural bio

Gift bags and boxes

Presentation boxes Gift bags and boxes Natural bio Natural bio eco friendly presentation box 80x80x38 cream

Natural bio eco friendly presentation box 80x80x38 cream

€ 3.85

Pack 48 pieces

€ 184.80 excluding VAT