Plastic security seals, guarantee of authenticity

Plastic security seal

Plastic security seals, confirmation of veracity

The plastic security seal was created with a very specific purpose, that is to guarantee the authenticity of your product.

First of all, security seals are essential accessories for jewelers that unambiguously accompany the product and whose primary purpose is to make the most important information relating to the jewel or watch known, visible and clear.

Personalized seals are in fact a real identity card that contains many of the information that make the difference in the purchase because it orients the opinion of potential buyers, namely:

  • the product characteristics, i.e. stones, carats, precious material used, etc
  • the selling price, crucial information that must be clearly visible especially when displayed in the window and consistent with the offer when selling online
  • the brand of the jewelery or watch manufacturer
  • the signature of your jewelery which, with its history and professionalism, guarantees both its sale and after-sales.

Plastic security tags are therefore not a detail but an accessory to be treated with the utmost attention, bearing in mind that the brand reputation of whoever sells the product also depends on the workmanship and quality of the jewelry seals used on the products.

Furthermore, whether it is numbered plastic seals or not, it is essential that the jewels are accompanied by jewelery labels that guarantee the correspondence between products and the information shown on the plastic seals.

The use of Secure lock jewelry is able to clearly show if the label that reaches the end customer is the one originally applied by the retailer. In this way, the customer's purchase and the supplier's reputation are guaranteed, a particularly important factor in online sales, a market in which many brands operate which are often not directly known by the buyer.

Plastic security seal

Security seal for jewelry

Plastic security seals are ideal for all jewelers that offer an e-commerce service.

Guarantee of quality and trust in the authenticity of the product are in fact determining factors for the success of a brand that wants to emerge in the vast range of jewelery products for sale online.

The guarantee seals of this collection are made of plastic and have the characteristic of being "disposable" or used only once. In case of tampering, in fact, the texture of the seal itself changes, protecting both the customer and the brand image from the risk of possible forgery.

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Jewelry plastic tags

With the plastic tags of the SIGILLO collection  you can have all products' information and prices available immediately, in a discreet and elegant way. They are also perfect for a beautiful display in your shop window.

You can choose from the options you prefer because they are available in different shapes and multiple colors, all customizable with your logo by hot printing.

You can have them with a cord closed with a bayonet for single use, or with a cord knotted or sealed in plastic for serial use.

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Secure lock jewelry tags

Jewelry secure seal, perfect for guaranteeing the integrity of your jewel thanks to the bayonet mount that makes it impossible to open without breaking it permanently. Perfect for selling jewelry online.

This guarantee tag par excellence is made of plastic and consists of two distinct elements: the first, attached to the closure tape, can be customized with your logo while the second presents the characteristics and price of the jewel and can be easily removed before packaging the product.

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