The furniture of the jewelry and the choice of display

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Crossing the entrance of a jewelry shop is like entering a world of its own, capable of transmitting the wonder and magic of the best fairy tales.

Jewelry furniture, a choice of style

Although united by charm and elegance, each jewelry tells its unique and inimitable story. And it does so also through the choice of furniture, colors, lights and all those furnishing details that determine its personality.
The choice of furniture for a jewelry store is a substantial element to create the elegant and refined atmosphere necessary to enhance the preciousness of the products it offers its customers and we at Theca know very well the dynamics behind a choice of style. Every detail of the furniture is then designed and evaluated so that it accurately conveys the image of the store and the sensations that the customer must experience when crossing the threshold. Nothing is left to chance: from the choice of furnishings to the lights, from background music to the scent that characterizes the environment.
The decor of a historic shop will probably be very far from the neutral shade choices of a classic shop or from those of a contemporary and minimalist sign. In the same way, the spaces available for displaying the product will be different, the lights that enhance the precious items and the color combinations that identify the store.
Consistent with the jewelry furniture choices, it is essential to analyze the best way to propose the selected jewelry and watches, using and choosing the presentation boxes and watch boxes and displays most consistent with the chosen furniture style. we have a very wide range of products for jewelers that covers any aesthetic and functional need and that allows our customers to choose the elements that best suit the furnishing of their jewelry.
Among the main points of attention we find the jewelry displays, elements that must be substantially integrated with the furniture but at the same time an indispensable and strategic tool aimed at the visibility and sale of the products on display. You can find the right products in relation to your furniture, aesthetic choices and your functional and display needs. Particular attention must be paid to the showcase, due to its strategic importance. In this regard it might be interesting to read the blog post on how to set up a showcase perfectly in a short time. They talk about us and our bespoke creations also on the I'Orafo Italiano.
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FLAMINGO, simplicity that enhances beauty

Simplicity that enhances beauty. This is a summary of the mission of the busts for necklace of the Flamingo collection. 

An elegant and essential structure to highlight the necklace and enhance every detail, without distraction. The shape is made in two different sizes and covered with soft flocked fabric of a neutral beige color. The shape is supported by a metal stem that rests on a circular base to ensure perfect stability. 
The stem is also equipped with a mobile element that allows you to move the display in the window by varying the height of the bust with a simple gesture.
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CHLOE trays, a perfect presentation

The trays are a fundamental tool for presentation to the customer during the sale phase and must be designed to allow you to present your jewelry and watches so that each single piece can give its best.
The trays of the Chloe collection are elegant and resistant because they are made with shockproof polyester (HIPS) structure.
Coated externally with plasticized paper and internally with soft flocked fabric or PU, they are all stackable to protect products and optimize space in the safe.
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Organize your collections in the practical cabinet

Our jewelry cabinets integrate perfectly with all types of furniture and are very useful for organizing your collections and presenting them to your customers in a simple and structured way. Available in a version designed to be conveniently stored in a safe or in a version with wheels for easier management in the store.
The latter is made of solid varnished wood and also equipped with a comfortable sales table. The structure rests on 4 pivoting wheels with brakes, contains 13 trays and is equipped with two doors with relative locks.
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Hector trays the best choice to show your jewelry

Show your jewels in the trays of the Hector trays collection: they will be offered in perfect order and every single piece will give its best. The new HECTOR trays are covered in embossed PU with microfiber inserts and are available with different internal fittings according to the type of product. There is also a universal version with a practical attached mirror. Key feature: they are all stackable and their size is designed to be suitable for safes.

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