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Showcases for jewels: here is the best selection of showcases and exhibitors for jewels! If you're looking for an elegant and efficient way to display your treasured products, you'll find what you're looking for here. Choose from our wooden or covered display cases to give a touch of luxury to your shop. Our jewelery displays are sturdy and resistant to scratches and knocks, so you can rest assured that your jewelery will be well protected. We also have numerous accessories, such as Jewelery Showcases and Jewelery Displays that are perfectly suited to your needs. Furthermore, all our items have been carefully selected by expert hands and with excellent quality materials. Visit our collection of Jewelery Showcases and choose the product that's right for you!

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Display cabinet Oppla

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Do you want to expose your jewels in 8 seconds? ... test with the OPPLA series displays. Jewelry display made of wood covered with microfiber and PU, customizable with your logo.

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Display cabinet Oppla

Jewellery shop display


Oppla jewelry point of sale 350x280x300

€ 338.00

Pack 3 pieces

€ 1,014.00 excluding VAT