Jewellery display accessories

Each jewel has its own story to tell. Thanks to the right support you will give light to the diamonds, breath to the stones and value to the single detail of your jewel displayed in the window. Jewelery stands are divided into:

Each of these designed with to be displayed in combination with the jewellery display board and cabinets.

In the Theca jewelry display section you will find all the best jewelry window dressing solutions to best display the jewels in your showcase, the place of the first meeting between the customer and your products. Discover our jewelry exhibitors, the exhibitor busts for necklaces, the earrings exhibitors, the bracelets exhibitors, the rings exhibitors and the individual supports for rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings and in general the many proposals for jewelry showcase exhibitors. The choice of the best display stand for jewelry, allows you to enhance the objects to their maximum splendor and attract the attention of customers. With Theca, jewelry displays enhance products to their maximum splendor, whether they are cheap jewelry displays or high-value jewelry. Choose now your best jewelry display case for your business. They are very useful to combine with any display for earrings, display for bracelets or display for rings and for all jewelry showcases the price tags that easily indicate the price of the jewels displayed on the displays for bijoux. Highlight the costume jewellery in your showcase using the plexiglass jewelry displays, almost invisible do not steal the show from your objects.


Jewelry display stands
Tanzanite ear cuff

Jewelry stands


The TANZANITE ear cuffs earrings collection is the ideal solution for displaying earring cuffs without holes and all cuff earrings items. The solution of single ear cuff models also finds its place same as the for the single mens ear cuff. The earrings cuffs display can be customized with your logo. This item can be matchin with Tanzanite point of sale and Tanzanite display.

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Tanzanite ear cuff

Jewelry display stands

Jewelry displays Jewelry display stands Tanzanite ear cuff Tanzanite jewelry display for ear …

Tanzanite jewelry display for ear cuff collection 130x60x200

€ 54.60

Pack 3 pieces

€ 163.80 excluding VAT