Coin cases for collectors

The collection of coin boxes offers various solutions to perfectly package the precious coin, protected in a Blister or in an exposed case. The precious coin is an ideal gift for anniversaries, corporate events, anniversaries and Father's Day. The collection offers different solutions with or without gift bag as well as a version of the “visible” case; they are all customizable with your hot-stamped logo or digitally printed. So if you are looking for cases for gold coins and cases for collector coins, in the Theca shop you will find ready-to-use solutions, also to be customized with your logo and tailor-made solutions.

Monete capsule

Coin cases


Coin capsules presentation box, suitable for coins with max diameter of 32,5 mm, perfect for keeping coins in the collection in mint condition. The transparent capsule has a secure and easy-to-open closure thanks to the outer edge, ensuring perfect protection of the coins. Customizable with your logo printed on the internal box tag. These presentation boxes can be packed with Scuro shopper box.


The capsule can be show on display with the Monete griffes capsule point of sale


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Monete capsule

Presentation box for coins

Presentation boxes and blisters Presentation box for coins Monete capsule Monete capsule presentation box with coin capsule 73x73x25

Monete capsule presentation box with coin capsule 73x73x25

€ 4.15

Pack 20 pieces

€ 83.00 excluding VAT