Made to measure boxes

They are completely MADE IN ITALY jewelry boxes with a rigid structure of wood, cardboard or polymer (HIPS) covered with imitation leather, embossed paper, Shantung or velvet, made to last over time.

For each box you can choose the external and internal material in the color you prefer, to adapt it to the company colors or to your shop. You choose the color and the shape, and we do it for you.

The small minimum packages of these jewelry boxes allow customization even for small events, so to choose a particular color for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. Or the possibility of packaging boxes for small collections of necklaces, bijoux and costume jewelry.

The Made in Italy collections are:

  • Corallo series - unique shape for small jewelry
  • Cristallo Series - with important volumes
  • Cubo series - with minimalist lines
  • Floyd series - timeless classic
  • Trilogy Series - for engagement ring
  • Smeraldo series - with rounded shapes without edges
  • Winston series - covered with soft leatherette

They can be customized with hot stamping with matt or glossy foil, if you prefer with four-color digital printing.

Bespoke boxes
Cristallo bespoke

Luxury packaging for jewelry


A refined collection of jewelery boxes, coated with metallic paper. The interior is made of soft flocked and satin fabric in the color of your choice among those available in our selection. You can customize it with your logo hot-stamped on the inside but also on the outside.


This collection is proudly MADE IN ITALY


[BLOG] Custom made presentation boxes - Made in Italy

Cristallo bespoke

Bespoke boxes


Cristallo bespoke presentation box for ring 78x78x58

€ 27.80

Pack 10 pieces

€ 278.00 excluding VAT

Cristallo bespoke presentation box for pendant 109x109x64

€ 34.00

Pack 10 pieces

€ 340.00 excluding VAT

Cristallo bespoke presentation box for necklace 199x199x43

€ 50.45

Pack 10 pieces

€ 504.50 excluding VAT

Cristallo bespoke presentation box for bracelet 260x65x40

€ 37.10

Pack 10 pieces

€ 371.00 excluding VAT

Cristallo bespoke presentation box for bangle 109x109x64

€ 34.00

Pack 10 pieces

€ 340.00 excluding VAT