Luxury presentation boxes

Luxury gift boxes are a must to offer a memorable shopping experience to customers. Of course, there are many types of jewelry boxes and not all of them have the right characteristics for a customer experience at the height of your jewelry: whether they are boxes for jewelry, boxes for necklaces or boxes for costume jewelery, they must never lack quality. of the materials, precision in the realization and accuracy in the reproduction of your logo.

In fact, jewelry boxes are an added value for your product and each personalized jewelry box that comes out of your store bears your signature and is a guarantee of your values.

In this section we offer you luxury boxes with very specific characteristics. The jewelry packages in this section are in fact made with a rigid structure covered with imitation leather and therefore offer a special sensation of softness to the touch that makes this jewelry packaging particularly popular. They are also characterized by the classic hinged closure that protects the jewel insert and keeps it stable in its seat.

The main jewelry packaging collections in this category, including ring boxes, are the following:

All the bijoux boxes can be customized online with hot stamping with opaque or metallic foil, optionally also with four-color digital printing.

Premium gift box
Astucci Confetto

Leatherette Presentation boxes


The Confetto presentation boxes stand out for the elegance of the design and the softness of the shapes.
In fact, these hinged jewelery boxes are made with particular attention to comfort which is expressed in the rounded edges and in the microfibre lining that covers the entire surface and gives a pleasant velvety sensation to the touch.

Available in different versions including CONFETTO LED model, it can be customized with your logo printed on the liner or on the cardboard container.


Astucci Confetto

Leatherette presentation boxes


Confetto presentation box for ring and earrins 61x61x58 cream

€ 7.85

Pack 12 pieces

€ 94.20 excluding VAT

Confetto presentation box for pendant earring 81x81x68 cream

€ 11.50

Pack 12 pieces

€ 138.00 excluding VAT

Confetto presentation box for necklace 110x110x70 cream

€ 12.50

Pack 12 pieces

€ 150.00 excluding VAT

Confetto presentation box for necklace 182x182x59 cream

€ 22.00

Pack 6 pieces

€ 132.00 excluding VAT

Confetto presentation box for bangle and pendant 110x110x70 cream

€ 12.50

Pack 12 pieces

€ 150.00 excluding VAT