Presentation box with light

In the large collection of Theca to choose from to package a jewel, the jewellery boxes with light cannot be missing. The light in the box jewelry is really special effect. The boxes with LED light are able to emphasize the emotion of those who open the box to the maximum, and it is possible to fully grasp the details and characteristics of the precious object contained.

An intense LED light, which turns on when the lid of the box is opened to illuminate a ring, a necklace, a gift that surely brings with it an important message of love and happiness. In velvet or embossed paper, with classic rounded or faceted shapes ... the cases with led light are always an excellent choice to give your jewels the maximum prominence and really put them at the center of the scene.

The main collections of boxes with led light available to buy in our online store are:

  • Golden jewelry case with containing box
  • Giada jewellery case with pocket size
  • Sara velvet led velvet jewelry packs with led light available in all sizesstarting from the ring holder box
  • Solitario led light box for engagement ring

All collections of jewelry boxes can be sell with with your logo printed inside or outside.

Find out how to activate the presentation boxes with led light in the right way by watching our video tutorial.

Jewellery box with led - Theca Astucci
Led light box Sara velvet

Led light jewelry box


Elegant presentation box fully lined with soft velvet both internally and externally. Equipped with LED light to illuminate your jewel, a light that turns on when the box is opened and turns off when the lid is closed. Packaged in a cardboard gift box covered with powder-colored paper, it can be customized with your logo printed inside the box or on the lid of the gift.

These presentation boxes can be matching with Platino shopper.


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Led light box Sara velvet

Jewellery box with led


Sara velvet led presentation box for ring 70x70x50 grey

€ 16.50

Pack 18 pieces

€ 297.00 excluding VAT

Sara velvet led presentation box for earring pendant 80x85x57 grey

€ 18.50

Pack 12 pieces

€ 222.00 excluding VAT

Sara velvet led presentation box for earring pendant 103x108x57 grey

€ 22.50

Pack 12 pieces

€ 270.00 excluding VAT

Sara velvet led presentation box for necklace 160x160x57 grey

€ 28.50

Pack 5 pieces

€ 142.50 excluding VAT

Sara velvet led presentation box for necklace 190x195x57 grey

€ 38.00

Pack 5 pieces

€ 190.00 excluding VAT

Sara velvet led presentation box for bracelet 235x50x37 grey

€ 19.50

Pack 18 pieces

€ 351.00 excluding VAT