Watch stands

An object of great charm and tradition like the clock deserves space and visibility in your shop window. Elegance and tradition, complex movements and precious dials: each watch has its own history and a special charm that needs to be presented in the best possible way.

To give the right emphasis to both your luxury watches and second-hand men's watches, you can use the display stands for single watches that, thanks to their unique characteristics, are able to give each piece the maximum emphasis and visibility.

The collection of watch displays consists of the following models:

Choose the right accessory thinking about the single watch you are going to exhibit because each of these displays can really make a difference in the presentation, guarantee the right focus on the uniqueness of each object and facilitate its sale.

Watch stands
Watch stand Corona

Acrylic watch display


Display for clean and essential watches to show your watch in all its beauty, without any distraction. Made of sturdy transparent plastic, this budget wtch holder can be used to expose the watch both vertically and horizontally.

Watch stand Corona

Watch stands


Corona vertical and horizontal watch display 30x80x75

€ 1.89

Pack 20 pieces

€ 37.80 excluding VAT

Corona vertical watch display 36x85x180

€ 2.80

Pack 24 pieces

€ 67.20 excluding VAT