Customized Jewellery shop display

In the Theca jewelry display section you will find everything you need to best display the bijoux in your store, which is the place for the first meeting between the customer and your products.

Discover our retail jewelry showcases and all the jewelry stands ideal for presenting your products in the best way. Find the necklace display that best suits your needs, the single rings display, the bracelets display and the earrings display to highlight particular products. Find the most suitable model among the collections of jewelry displays, bijoux displays and costume jewellery displays:

In addition to the main presentation accessories, you will also find more specific products for special needs, such as costume jewelry displays, jewelry displays, bijoux displays or economic jewelry displays. You may also be interested in finding out how to best enhance your showcase with the right jewelry display or some fantastic costume jewellery displays.

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Jewelry displays

Alabastro jewelry display for earrings 30x19

€ 0.42

Pack 50 pieces

€ 21.00 excluding VAT

Alabastro jewelry display for earrings 40x24x71

€ 5.67

Pack 6 pieces

€ 34.02 excluding VAT

Alabastro jewelry display for earrings tree 70x70x100

€ 6.62

Pack 6 pieces

€ 39.72 excluding VAT

Filo jewelry display for earrings 75 mm height

€ 18.27

Pack 12 pieces

€ 219.24 excluding VAT

Filo jewelry display for earring 95 mm height

€ 18.59

Pack 12 pieces

€ 223.08 excluding VAT

Filo jewelry display for earrings earring display 155 mm height

€ 19.85

Pack 12 pieces

€ 238.20 excluding VAT

Acrylic earrings display 60 mm height

€ 3.10

Pack 3 pieces

€ 9.30 excluding VAT

Acrylic earrings display for earring 100 mm height

€ 3.50

Pack 3 pieces

€ 10.50 excluding VAT

Acrylic earring display 150 mm height

€ 3.95

Pack 3 pieces

€ 11.85 excluding VAT