Customized jewellery pouch

Our collection of women's clutch pouches includes truly practical and very useful accessories, perfect for everyday use as well as on long journeys. Clutch bags are soft cases with reduced thickness that delicately protect your precious objects and take up very little space both in the safe and in a lady's bag.

These clutches are the ideal solution for any use: they can be a real clutch bag or a functional accessory for those who travel and want to have their jewels with them in their suitcase without risking damage. Likewise, the small size and the softness of the material make it a perfect bag for having rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets always available at any time of the day.

Our wholesale online clutch bags collections are:

All jewelry clutches can be customized with your logo.


Jewellery bag clutch
Jewelry clutch Rodi

Jewelry clutch


Economic and functional double-folded fabric jewelry pouch to protect your precious objects and keep them in a safe. They can be customized with your logo hot printed on the outside of the envelope in the color that best suits your needs.

Jewelry clutch Rodi

Jewellery bag clutch


Rodi clutch for earring 100x85

€ 2.25

Pack 50 pieces

€ 112.50 excluding VAT

Rodi clutch for earring 135x120

€ 3.95

Pack 50 pieces

€ 197.50 excluding VAT

Rodi clutch for pendant 90x150

€ 6.40

Pack 50 pieces

€ 320.00 excluding VAT

Rodi clutch for necklace 145x185

€ 8.60

Pack 20 pieces

€ 172.00 excluding VAT

Rodi clutch for bracelet 240x60

€ 5.25

Pack 30 pieces

€ 157.50 excluding VAT